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June 8, 2020

Pearl Export Series Review – Which Kit To Choose?

Last Updated February 1st 2021: Whether you are a beginner, professional, or an improving drummer, you would know how much a proper drum kit can help you in developing a successful musical career.

Pearl Export Series Review

If you are a beginner, you must be looking for a reliable drum kit for your rehearsals, jamming sessions, and to enjoy the first few years of your drumming.

If that’s you, then Pearl Export Series is probably the ideal option for you.

You might already know how the Pearl Export Series have shaped the game for both beginners and professional drummers.

Since 1982, the Pearl Export Series has been amongst the top-quality drum sets. It features great drums, with excellent build quality. Plus the sound and hardware are superb.

It doesn’t come with any cymbals, but with its economical price and great quality, it still makes a great drum kit!

In this article, we will look at two of the best drum kits of the series, the Pearl Export EXX 725S and the Pearl Export EXL 725S.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn about their differences, features, and everything else you need to know.

Pearl Export Review – EXX 725S vs. EXL 725S:

Many people have a question in mind:

“Are both kits the exact same? Is there any real difference between the two?”

Let’s try to answer this question once and for all in plain and simple words.

Technically, they are the same.

However, there are certain differences that may dictate your decision for going for one kit than the other.

The design, build, and accessories included in both are almost the same, with a slight difference.

Both the kits feature 6-ply Poplar Mahogany Blended shells and are equipped with Pearl’s Opti-loc suspension system.

Let’s have a quick glance at their only and major differences.

EXL 725S – Classy and Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Its shells are made of wood grain
  • Has a lacquer finish which looks good and classy

EXX 725S – Most Affordable

  • It features plain shells
  • Has no lacquer finishing

Other than these differences in the finish, there is no tonal or sonic difference between the two.

Pearl Export Review

Both sound the same; are made from the same wood; and manufactured through the same process of Superior Shell Technology.

Assembling The Pearl Export Series:

Both these kits from the Export series requires some assembling, of course, but nothing difficult and complicated.

Also, if you are a music lover, you would never mind spending a little time to assemble your new drum kit, right?

You don’t need to worry about where to set it up. No matter where you place it, it will surely complement the decorum of that place with its sleek, classy, and professional-looking design.

Once you assemble the kits, you can jump in right away and start drumming. The kits come with a cymbal stand, you can place it, but you will need to buy the cymbals separately.

Which Pearl Export Series To Buy? Let’s review them…

Pearl Export EXX 725S

The Pearl EXX 725S is one of the most popular and affordable drums sets specially designed for beginners. We can not honestly call it a “high-end” drum kit, but it has some amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. The best part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

With its classy jet-black color, this drum set is equipped with Superior Shell Technology, also known as SST, which is a revolution exclusively introduced by the company.

In this technology, Poplar and Mahogany shells are used that provide you with an improved volume and sound. Also, this technology makes the drum set more durable and stronger than any other available in the market.

The Opti-Loc mounting system of this drum kit is superb and admirable, especially regarding the reliability.

It is triangular in design and has two rods attached to it to help avoid shaking while playing. It also comes with a cymbal boom stand.

Coming towards the hardware, the snare drum produces a loud and bouncy sound, which makes it perfect for beginners. The tom shells included also give a warm and brassy sound and the incredible P930 Kick Pedal tops everything.

All in all, the drum set is durable, strong, sturdy, and looks good too, it is made by a brand that you can trust.

If you are a beginner, and your budget is tight, then this is the right product for you! It just has a few drawbacks, no cymbals are included in the set, you will have to buy them separately.

Also, if you are a PRO drummer, you might not enjoy this product. Other than these, it is a great set, and a few minor things can be overlooked.

What’s All Included?:

  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum
  • 10 x 7 Tom
  • 12 x 18 Tom
  • 16 x 16 Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5.5 Snare Drum
  • Includes the New 830 Hardware
  • P930 Kick Pedal


  • It is a budget-friendly drum set
  • Hardware is strong and durable
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Great for recordings and gigs


  • You need to buy cymbals separately
  • Not the ideal choice for professional drummers

Pearl Export Lacquer EXL 725S

Pearl Export Series

The Pearl EXL 725S mimics the Pearl EXX 725S, but in a modified way. Also, It is the best selling drum set for both intermediate and professional drummers.

As the name implies, its shells are not simple. Instead, they have a lacquer finish. This means, this set is glossier, shinier, and you can see the grains of wood.

With a glossy and popping natural cheery color, this drum set is made with high-quality Poplar wood and Asian mahogany.

Along with the exotic woods to provide you with a magnificent sound, it features shells that are made of a unique technology called Super Shell Technology.

This technology is best known to produce more harmonic and expressive sounds. Also, the kit has a little metal work on it to provide you with a better sound.

Moreover, it is equipped with a triangular-shaped Opti-loc mounting system that reduces the interaction between the shell and metal.

This way, the shells vibrates easily while providing you with more groovy and bouncy sounds. The edge of the shell is at an angle of 45 degrees. The hoop produces a powerful and maximum sound with each hit.

Talking about the hardware, it is a little metallic, and have rubber gaskets on them to provide you with enjoyable music experience.

The snare is of high quality, the bass drum gives a premium look and produces a sharp, neat, and deep sound. The best part is that it also features a D930 Demonator pedal, that steps up your music game, especially if you are an experienced drummer.

Overall, the whole kit is superb. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a plus point. The only drawback is that the snares are way too light-weight, one hard hit can easily make them fall on the ground. Other than this, we are in love with this kit, and you will love it too for sure.

What’s All Included?:

  • 22 x 18 bass drum
  • 10 x 7 tom
  • 12 x 8 tom
  • 16 x 16-floor tom
  • 15 x 5.5 snare drum
  • TH701 tom holder x 2
  • P930 Demonator Pedal
  • 830 Hardware Pack
  • Matching Snare


  • Mahogany and Poplar wood for a deep sound
  • Adjustable Construction
  • Premium, glossy, and glassy look
  • Great Build Quality
  • Sturdy and strong hardware
  • Easy to set up
  • Not too expensive


  • Not the ideal fit for beginners
  • The snares are too light-weight

Is the Pearl Export Series Good?

Both the drum sets of the Pearl Export Series, the standard and lacquer one, comes with incredible hardware and are equipped with durable accessories.

Both are professional looking and the best part is: they are budget-friendly. They have drawbacks, but nothing big. The series is great, with amazing features and specs.

What Is The Best Kit Produced By Pearl?:

If we are talking about the best, then the Pearl Roadshow is probably the answer. It is considered as the best-value drum kit with different models and amazing sounds to offer. But it totally depends on what works best for you.

How Much Does A Pearl Series Drum Kit Cost?:

Different pearl drum sets come with different price tags.

However, the pearl drum sets are budget-friendly. You might be thinking if it is worth your money or not, yes it is. If you want a complete drum set, that won’t cost you a leg and arm, then this is the ideal choice.

Though it comes with a cymbal stand and no cymbals. But still, if you are more of a snare and drum person, then you won’t regret buying this.

Final Thoughts On Pearl Export Series Drum Sets:

You have gone through all the features and details about our two favorite drum kits from the Pearl Export Series.

You must have noticed that both are quite identical, with just some minor differences. There are more from the series, but these two certainly top our list.

Both come with a great and incredible set of hardware, at a great price.

The Pearl Export Lacquer, with its glossy and shiny look, can easily compete with other high-end drum sets.

Like every other thing, this series also has a few drawbacks, but it is definitely worth your money. You would never regret it.

What do you think about the Pearl Export Series? Don’t forget to tell us about your view in the comments.

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