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May 15, 2020

3 Mendini Drum Set Reviews – Junior Drum Kits

Last Updated February 1st 2021: Gone are the days when the concept of music was only for adults. Now, both teachers and parents have a comprehensive approach to music. If your child expresses a tilt of liking towards a drum kit, you may let him/her have one. Selecting a drum kit for a child can be a daunting task. Thankfully with our Mendini Drum Set Reviews guide you’ll find the perfect junior set for your child to learn and grow!

Mendini drum set reviews

This is especially true if you are not so much into music and have don’t have an idea about cymbals or shell size.

Here are reviews for well-known, quality starter drum sets for kids – the Mendini Drum set. Two options are available for the drum set, 16 inches 5-Piece Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set and 13 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set.

Without understanding your needs and purpose, you may end up buying an inappropriate kit.

In these reviews, you can understand the features, pros, and cons of these sets and thus make an informed decision.

So, let’s dive in!

About Mendini by Cecilio Drums:

Mendini by Cecilio is the brand behind this drum kit. They offer great products that are enjoyed by many percussionists globally.

Mendini Kids/Junior Drum Set is a part of their Cecilio collection in California, which provides high-quality musical instruments.

Besides drum sets, Mendini by Cecilio is also famous for woodwind and brass instruments.

Overall, they provide quality instruments at an exciting price range.

5-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set (2.5 ft to 5 ft tall) Mendini Drum Set Reviews

One thing that we love about this drum set is that the configuration is similar to an adult drum set. So, kids will not have any problem while progressing from junior to the full-sized drum set. Furthermore, the kit has almost everything a child drummer may need to start playing.

Drum Quality:

The kit looks professional and will encourage your child to play the instrument seriously. They won’t feel overwhelmed the way they might on looking at more massive drum sets.

The Mendini 5-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set is made with durable material – wood or metal – and thus cannot be broken by kids.

It has a sturdy throne, adjustable height, and replaceable heads to accommodate every kid.

There are six different color options available, such as metallic wine red, metallic blue, metallic silver, metallic bright red, metallic black, and metallic green.


  • 10” x 5” and 8” x 6” Tom Toms
  • 12″ x 10″ Floor Tom
  • 16″ x 11″ Bass drum
  • Chain-driven pedal
  • 10″ x 6″ snare drum
  • 10” Crash cymbals
  • 8″ Hi-Hat
  • Height adjustable drum throne

The rudiments can be quickly learned with this drum set. The wooden structure of the drums offers in resonating a whole and deep beat whenever your child hits the skin.

The stands of the snare and cymbals are robust and do not wobble while using them.

The set is made to last long with the use of durable materials. The adjustable drum throne is curated to fit your young drummer as they grow.

Furthermore, this set doesn’t have sharp edges and is thus child friendly. The coating of the drums is smooth and prevent any injury while playing.

However, the cymbals and the snare will need frequent tuning to maintain the accuracy of the sound.

The cymbals are stable and will fall on your child. Compared to various other drum kits, Mendini is resilient and robust.

Lastly, the product comes with a few pieces and is thus easy to assemble. The small size and lightweight drums are convenient to put together.

Drum Set Sound Quality:

The Mendini Drum Set offers an adequate and well-pronounced basic rhythm that is great for young players and get a feel of playing with the instrument.

The quality of sound is excellent, especially of toms and snare. However, the kick drum may need an upgrade to make it sound better. Cymbals also sound suitable for kids and maybe upgraded.


  • It is the cheapest drum set available for kids
  • As everything is height adjustable, it is best for growing kids
  • Snare drum and toms deliver high-quality sounds
  • It has everything to get your kid started
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in six colors


  • Cymbals and kick drum do not offer a high-quality sound
  • Hardware has a lot of rattles and buzzes

Mendini junior set is a top-notch kit at an affordable price. If your little drummer is between 2.5 to 5 feet tall, it will be fun for them to use it.

3-Piece 13-inch Kids Drum Set (3 to 8 years old) Mendini Drum Set Reviews

While kids explore their creativity and likings, they may struggle to get it even at a young age. So, if your kid loves to drum, this can be the best kit for them. This set has all instruments and accessories that can help your child to appreciate music.

Drum Set Build:

Unlike adult drum, these drums are small and made up of hardwood shells and triple-flanged hoops. The cymbals and drums are mounted off the bass drum, which makes this kit compact and space-efficient.

The kit comes in five different color options, metallic blue, metallic purple, metallic bright red, metallic black, and metallic green.


  • 13″ x 8″ Bass drum
  • Bass pedal
  • 10″ x 4″ Mounted snare
  • 8″ x 6″ Mounted tom
  • 8″ Cymbal with cymbal arm
  • Wooden drumsticks
  • Height-adjustable drum throne

Other features remain the same as that of a 5-piece drum set

Sound Quality:

As with the Mendini drum sets, the snare and drum produce high-quality sound. The cymbals sound okayish. But the bass drums sound boomy and may need upgrading to get a good punch.

But the kids don’t care much about it. They just need fun hitting those drums.


  • Drums are made up of a high-quality wooden structure
  • They are of adequate size for kids
  • The set up is stable and robust and can even tolerate heavy beating
  • Supported by a firm stand that doesn’t quiver


  • Needs constant tuning
  • Cymbals tend to crack with a harsh bang and repeated use
  • Bass drum and cymbals don’t sound great

Is Mendini A Good Brand?:

Of note, both the drum set have sturdy and reliable support as well as construction. The hardware can stand harsh playing and heavy beating by your little angels.

They include everything your child may need to start playing right outside the box (quite literally!).

Furthermore, the set up of these kits is quite similar to that of an adult set. The only difference being the crash cymbal lies behind the floor tom and does not stand on the bass drum.

However, this doesn’t make much difference as crash cymbal is not used often.

So, all the motions your kid learns through this kit will be used forever.

How Do I Pick A Mendini Junior Drum Set For My Child?:

Drumming kits for kids fall into two categories – Cheaper drum-shaped toys and smaller versions of full-sized kits.

While the first option is cheaper, it is no way musical. It just helps the child to enjoy and release stress.

The second option, on the other hand, gives sound and feel a lot closer to the actual kit. They are durable and made up of quality materials. The kits in our reviews fit in the second category.

Are These Designed For Children?

The Mendini Junior kit is entirely adjustable, made up of high-quality materials, and is suitable for a child between .5ft and 5ft tall. The age of your kid is also a deciding factor. This kit is ideal for kids between 3-8 years of age.

Overall, this kit for smaller kids who would enjoy it and develop skills with it. However, taller kids may outgrow the kit, making it difficult to use them as they get bigger. In this case you may want to take a look at our best Kids Drum Set.

Final Thoughts on Mendini Junior Drum Set Reviews:

Mendini Drum Sets are an excellent kit to help your kids get hands-on experience and understand the value of coordination. The drums produce a high-quality sound.

While cymbals and the bass drum don’t sound that great, it is okay for a kid. Moreover, the edges are smooth, and the kit is thus child friendly.

Besides, the price of these drum sets is affordable, and the kit gives the best bang for the buck.

So, if you want to get an entry-level drum for your kid, Mendini Drum Set can be the best option.

However, if you are looking for a kit to polish their skills or want them to get into drumming, this set may be mediocre for them.

The Mendini junior drums require constant tuning to correct the pitch. Moreover, the drums may loosen, and you may have to tighten them. The cymbals and bass drum are too boomy.

Lastly, the kit is not best for children above five years of age. The drums would be too small for them, and they would end up hitting the rim instead. The cymbal may also crack with frequent use.

We hope this Mendini Drum Set Reviews answered all questions to help you make an informed decision.

Happy Drumming!

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