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May 23, 2020

5 Best Low Volume Cymbals – Quiet Indoor Drum Sets!

Music has always been a part of human history since the beginning of time. People enjoyed playing different kinds of instruments, including drums, guitars, violins, pianos, etc. All of this serves the sole purpose of pleasure, freedom, and enjoyment. Since then, it has become a part of us human beings. And if you are lucky and talented enough to be able to produce different sorts of music yourself, then the extreme joy of it takes you to the seventh heaven.

Best Low Volume Cymbals

This article is written explicitly for the drummers, who are always busy in practicing their skills to be better at ‘what they do’ with each passing day. With a lot of time and memories spent with their drum sets, they get super attached to them, but then a time comes when they have to make certain changes for the better. Who wants to compromise on the quality of the music they produce in this extremely competitive era? No one!

As you’ll know, a cymbal is an essential part of any drum set. Its origination is traced back to the earliest ancient times, and It was then finally introduced to the continent of Asia in the 3rd and 4th centuries. After the arrival of cymbals, people brought continuous innovations to the idea of their existence. Many new types were made for the convenience of the musicians. One of them is the ‘low volume cymbal.’ It is specifically made to ensure the production of a low sound when the cymbals are struck with a certain force, and are perfect for practice.

So in this article, we are going to target the best low volume cymbals, you can get for yourself to upgrade your old cymbal for a much quieter experience.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal sets

best low volume cymbals

Zildjian, being the pioneer in making worthy musical instruments, has come up with the best low volume cymbals you can ever imagine. Noise is a great concern when it comes to buying a Cymbal set. For this purpose, the Zildjian company has researched enough to make a low volume cymbals. Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal claim it will provide you low volume but high-quality music, perfect for practice. The drummers who are having issues with loud and noisy cymbals, and they are also hindering their practices as well as causing ear fatigue while playing, may want to get their hands on this L80 quiet cymbals set.

But a question arises here: How quiet the cymbal is? The answer after reviewing this is that Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals produce very low frequencies when struck, and are almost 80% quieter than the traditional ones. Isn’t it perfect? Here you can take a listen of how quiet is this set.

Key Features

Let us take a brief look at the main features of this cymbal set:

  • This set comes with three different sizes : 13″, 14″, 18″. An alternative set of 14″, 16″, 18″ is also available.
  • The item weighs around 8.5 pounds, which is a good weight and easy to carry.
  • The dimensions of this product are almost 20.75 x 20.5 x 2.25 inches.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is perfect for the user to make any claims in case any damages occur.
  • Name: Zildjian
  • A special hole design is what allows the volume to be low, but does not compromise the quality of sound
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Made from an alloy and not from any rubber pad, which ensures quality.

Final Verdict

Overall we have found it to be the best low volume cymbal set if you’re in the habit of playing your drum set at all the odd times. It is quieter than a traditional cymbal and it’s part of the Zildjian gen 16, so this will enable you to stay quieter as well as feed your musician soul its food without driving the neighbors and the family members crazy. This gets a thumbs up from us.

Sabian QTPC501

low volume cymbals

Most of the musicians tend to hit the cymbals harder in practices and rehearsals than they would typically do during a crowded concert or a performance. If you find yourself in the list of those hard-working musicians, and you also require a high-quality set of low volume cymbals, then Sabian QTPC501 has come to your rescue with its extremely responsive cymbal set. It is designed to be tough and quite responsive, just like any other cymbals.
It claims to give you a smooth real-life experience, just like any traditional cymbal set would. According to the features, it is extremely quiet but not as quiet as the Zildjian L80, so if you are looking for something in between clamorous to extremely hushed, this is the perfect match for you.
It is made with a durable and long-lasting metallic alloy that prevents your cymbal set from getting broken or dented, which makes it a perfect feature.

Key Features

Let us take a brief look Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals Set;

  • 13” Hi-Hats, 18” Crash-Ride
  • 2-year warranty, a perfect time for you to claim any damages
  • Comes with a reduced sonic footprint
  • This item weighs almost 5.25 pounds, lighter than L80
  • Dimensions of the products are 18.75 x 18.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made from tough alloy, makes it more durable
  • Clearly defined bell so that you will not have to hit so hard on the cymbal to produce sound

Final Verdict

This is an excellent set of silver cymbals for you if you are looking for something strong and reliable that fulfills your demands when you are rehearsing or practicing for your upcoming life-changing event. It is sturdy, will help you practice easily even at odd times due to low volume feature. We particularly appreciate the clearly defined bell tone, which is easy to struck and does not give a weird muffled sound, which usually other cymbals give. Overall, it is a must-have cymbal set to add to your kit.

What is a Low Colume Cymbal?

Low Volume Cymbals are usually manufactured adroitly and keenly to produce a specific sound when struck. These are typically made up of metals and alloys consisting of a hundred holes in the metallic surface. As the production of sound dramatically depends on the weight of the cymbal, these holes ensure lesser weight and lesser resonance through the metallic body of the cymbal, hence, production of lesser vibrations of sound.

Benefits of Low Volume Cymbals

Nobody wants to buy something that offers no benefits or adds no value to your life, but this is not the case with these amazing low volume cymbals. They will serve you perfectly if you are living in a building full of apartments, and you do not want to disturb your neighbors with loud drumming noises. So here are some benefits that you should keep in mind:

  • As we know, these cymbals are made to have reduced weight by the production of numerous holes to lessen the sound vibrations. But this factor does not take away their instrumental feels. You can still play it like regular cymbals with greater ease and with no worries of making a loud, tumultuous noise.
  • Low volume cymbals are made of metal alloys and tend to make a sharp metallic sound when struck. But the good thing is that this sound cannot travel through the walls of your studio or apartment.
  • Low sound cymbals are said to have a sound reduction of almost 20 decibels or more over the standard ones, and this is undoubtedly an advantage.

Is It Possible To Make My Own Low Volume Drum Set?

If you are wanting to dampen your already existing cymbals and not planning to change them any sooner, we have a few suggestions on how you can achieve that.

  • The first thing you can do is hit the cymbal softly.
  • You can also use the moon gel to lower the sound.
  • If moon gel is not available to you, you can use duct tape. But the problem with duct tape is , it leaves a sticky residue on the cymbals that you may not like but it is always a good reasonable option.
  • To overcome the residue problem you can use a ‘gaffers tape’. It does not leave any sticky residue over the cymbals and greatly dampens the volume as well.
  • Paste electrical tape on the underside of the cymbals.
  • Use light weighted sticks preferably made of maple wood to hit the cymbals lightly.
  • You can use a beginner skill level cymbal for a low pitched sound as it is made up of inexpensive alloy.

How do you dampen your ride cymbals?

You can dampen your ride cymbals frequencies through various ways as well.

  • As weird as it may sound, the better way to dampen the ride cymbals is by burying them for a few weeks. You will definitely feel a noticeable change after digging them out.
  • You can also use the painter tape. It will leave no sticky residue over the cymbals not ruining their shiny metallic surface.
  • You can use the moon gel in this case too and it will surely not disappoint you.

How to customize your own cymbal set

Some people are in a habit of taking things in their hands so they prefer customizing their favourite instruments as well.

To make the perfect cymbal for yourself exactly according to your needs, there are 3 key points to it that determine the quality of the final product.

Metal Selection and shaping the cymbals.

1. Metal Selection

There are 3 most popular alloys (combination of two metals) that can be used.

  • Brass – combination of copper and zinc: best for making beginner level cymbals and is also quite cheap.
  • B8 Bronze – 92% copper with 8% zinc: usually used in the making of medium priced cymbals. These suit intermediate skill levels the best.
  • B20 Bronze – 80% copper with 20% zinc: the most expensive one among the three. Goes well for the professional drummers. An example of B20 cymbals are the Wuhan Cymbals. Also, these cymbals are easy to clean.

Shaping Options:

There are 5 basic factors regarding the shape of cymbals that you can choose and they also greatly influence the quality of sound.

  • Diameter – larger diameter = greater volume.
  • Thickness – more thickness = higher pitch
  • Bell Size – a larger bell = more overtones
  • Curvature – a greater curvature = higher pitch and fewer overtones.
  • Taper – the more the thickness tapers off from the bell to the edge, the middle sounds “ride-like” and the edge sounds “crash-like”

You can play around with these dimensions and shapes to produce a cymbal with any sound you desire.

Final Thoughts On Low Volume Cymbals:

As a wise man once said: Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise. Cymbals are one of the most popular musical instruments that are widely played all over the globe. There hardly exists a symphony that does not require the use of these quiet cymbals. If you are a drummer, you will require these low volume cymbals for practicing. So don’t wait anymore and make your life easier, better, and quieter.

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