May 3, 2020

In Ear Monitor For Drummer

In ear monitor for drummer

The drummer is state to be the best part of any band. But when you are going to play the drum in any concert then going for wearing a pair of In ear monitor for drummer is always a good idea. The need for the in-ear monitors by the drummer is still an essential thing as it minimizes the stage volume.

When you start to play the drums on stage, the volume can damage your ear to a great extent. So, for all that, you need to get the best in-ear monitors during your performance. These monitors can help you in getting in saving the eardrums and decrease the loudness of the sound to a minimal level. For all these things it is always the best idea for you to go for the in-ear monitor.

The Best In-Ear Monitor For Drummers

1. Technica ATH-LS200iS In-Ear Dual armature driver: In-Line Mic and Control

As a drummer, there is always the need for the best sound quality.  It is because, by that way, they can make out how they are playing their drum and how it is heard to the audience. For all that reason, you can buy the Technica ATH-LS2000 iS for yourself. It is considered as the best in-ear monitor for drummers.

The in-ear monitor comes with the best feature for you all. The presence of dual balanced armature drivers in it gives the upper hand among all other headphones. The drivers are designed like the LS Live Sound Series, and it comes with the high-end tweeter driver. It to go with the low frequencies.

The in-ear monitor comes with the detachable cables which are about 1.2m along with A2DC. It gives the best noise isolation to the ear of drummers, and the sound quality is very high in it. Apart from that all, the cable too got in-line mic as well as a controller for calls. The ear tips have got many excellent specifications which are here below.

Technica ATH-LS200iS Specifications

  • It comes with the dual balance and Lives sound series with good bass.
  • The presence of the sound pipe in the cable is made with stainless steel and provide a good frequency range.
  • The ear tips are having silicone material and are available in a different size.
  • For better sound, it is built with Tough Titan resin.

With such excellent specifications in place, you can see hat the cable is one of the best stage ear tips for you all.

Technica ATH-LS200iS Build quality

The monitor comes with the translucent colour, and it stands out among other in-ear monitors. The cable which is there is detachable, and it comes with the mini coaxial connector for you all.

It is an ” I” designator headphones which have got a mic and other control options. Among all different IEM lineup, the headphones have got an attractive look and are flashy as well. It is not like the general cables that all are available here.

When you look at the cable, then it doesn’t look like a two-pin cable. The presence of MMCX cables in it may give some issues, but still it is easy to wear and use. The fit of the monitor is not so good, and it needs constant adjustment in it.

The build quality of the headphones is best, but the cable too often gets tangled. It needs to get adjust most of the time due to tangles.

Sound quality

The next best and essential part of the headphones is sound quality. When you are going for them, you all need to go for the best bass in it. If you take a look at the bass levels of the IEM, then it shows an immaculate approach to it.

The quality of the sound is not cold nor too warm, and it’s just perfect for you. The mids are smooth as well as coherent, and the sounds come to the ear are accurate and precise. Treble in the monitors are excellent, and they are extended as well. When you all wear the in-ear monitors, then the stage sound to become medium and you will not get deaf from that.

For all these properties, it is always the best idea for you to get the monitor for yourself. As per IEM, it also gives the best pro sound to the ear tips without any hindrance or outside noise.

If you take a look at the product overall, then you can see that it is considered among the top products. The reason for it is due to the quality of the sound that the in-ear monitor gives to you. But what lacks in the monitor is the exciting factor in it.

Apart from that all, you all can enjoy the sound to a great extent in it, and even you can answer calls in between the music sessions without any problem. Though the cables may get tangled the sound yet never fades from its quality.

Technica ATH-LS200iS Pros:

  • It gives excellent bass and treble to ear.
  • The sound quality is clear and excellent.
  • It minimizes the stage sound.
  • It comes with controls and mic.

Technica ATH-LS200iS Cons:

  • It could get tangled while playing.
  • The price is relatively expensive.

2. MX4 Pro Hybrid Quad-Driver In-Ear Monitors

MX4 Pro is the flagship series for all drummers. It comes with the quad-driver setup, which is advanced and great. The design of the in-ear monitors is such that it provides you with the great balanced sound when you are in stage.

The resolution of the audio is great and clear. All these are possible as it comes with the four drivers which provide you with the ultimate high-fidelity reference that stands in the studio as well as in stage.


  • It comes with the triple balanced armature and the moving coil dynamic hybrid.
  • The frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • The maximum power input is nearly 30mW.
  • It is water-resistant and can resist low-pressure jet spray.
  • It comes with the 3.5 mm cable and a right-angle plug.
  • The sensitivity of the headphones is 1mW @1KHz.

Build quality

The headphones are designed and built in such a way that it is very much impressive. With such build design, you all can see the IEM and its way of housing in monitors. It comes with the two cables system. The one cable is for audio while the other is formic and remote. It is a good mee audio system for you all.

When you are in the stage, you may experience sweating due to high performance by you. So, it is very much crucial that you need to save the headphones from sweat. So, for all that reason, it is built in such a way that it can protect the ear tips and cable from sweating.

If you consider the in-ear monitors for long listening sessions, then it works well. The sound quality of the monitors is excellent, and it gives the right adjustments to the ear. It comes with the sealed in-ear design, and it comes with the T-series foam as well. It is one of the top quality foam that can be used here.

Sound quality

The most important part of the in-ear monitors is the sound. When you are going for it, you look for the quality mee audio in it. If you want to have the great bass, then it is good for you all. The product is so different from others, and the reason for it is due to the audio quality.

Treble is also heard good in it, and the stage sound is minimized to a great extent in-ear monitors. For all such things, you can go for the mee audio, and the price of the monitors is not so high. The fit of the in-ear monitor is good, and it is comfortable as well for you all.

The cable of the monitors is also going good quality, and it is one of the best one in iem. These cables do not tangle much, and it retains its original shape also.

If you take a look at the mid-range of the headphones, then you can see that it has got a natural sound. It would be nice for you all if you feel the mid-range as soothing so, it is the one that can have someone for you. The clean and high-quality music in the mid-range gives an advantage to the in-ear monitors.

All the upper frequencies her are like a pro, and it does not break. The user doesn’t find it fatiguing, and you would have an excellent stage performance.


The next best thing that you all will get from here is the customization. Yes, it allows you to have the customization in here, and it comes with the engraved faceplates as well. All you need to do is to go for the custom fit monitor and then you can use the 3D print ear tips in it. So, if you want a good band for yourself, then you can go for it without any issue.

MX4 Pro Hybrid Quad-Driver Pros:

  • You will get all clear and great bass.
  • The presence of foam on ear tips helps in increasing the audio sound.
  • It has excellent noise isolation.
  • The cable is made with good quality.
  • It is moisture resistant.

MX4 Pro Hybrid Quad-Driver Cons:

  • It is not so impressive
  • The band may start to develop issue later.
  • It shows unusual detachable cable issues.

Overall, you can see that the MX Pro is a good monitors for drummers. The noise cancellation here is best, and it has the detachable cables with it also. With such great features in it, so it always gives the good audio to the of drummers. The price of the in-ear monitor is not high, and it is built to last long in your ear. You can buy the monitor online, and you can easily find the same in online shopping sites.

3. Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver in-ear monitors

For all the drummers who all are searching for excellent noise isolation, ear monitor can now get it here. The search for the good in-ear monitors stops at Westone UM Pro 10. Westone is one of the best top brands when it comes to the monitors for the drummer. These ear monitors are considered as the entry-level earphone for you all.


  • The sensitivity response in here is near to 114 dB SPL @ 1mW.
  • The frequency range is from 20 Hz to 15 kHz.
  • It acts as passive noise cancellation.
  • The cable present in the in-ear monitor is of EPIC and its replaceable.
  • It comes with the single balanced armature driver.

Built design

When it comes to the building design, then the ear monitor is excellent in its segment. You can see that it comes with the superb quality polymer in the in-ear monitor and is durable also. The quality of the material is such that it doesn’t give a feel of cheap to your hand or eyes.

If you look at the housing part, then it is small and gets fit to the ear in a good way. For all these things, it is considered as one of the excellent item in the music world.

Let’s come to cable part, and you can find the band is of MMCX quality. It is right in durability and also replaceable in a big way. The qualities in here that make it unique in own way is due to the high-flex, aramid fibre, ultra-low resistance wire of tensile and braided. If you take the noise isolation part, then it acts as best on stage, and it always comes in good use for drummers.

When it comes to the fit of the ear tips, then it goes inside the ear comfortably. It does not need constant adjustment, but the change of cable is always an issue. If your MMCX cable got any problem, then you can change it easily.

Sound quality

Stage sound

The stage sound is right, and you all can hear the music in depth and width. This shows how standardised the in-ear monitor it is. For all the pro drummers, it is the best device for your ear. When you are using the STAR tips, it will help you in making more space while you are going for the True Tips, it will make the intimate space to play the role.


All the users love to have headphones with great bass. But in here, you will not pleasant experience in the bass, and it will give a feel of hiding inside the ear tips. The in-ear monitor has got a little effect in this section, yet it is best iem for you all. The earphone has a single balance ameture, and for that, it lacks it.


The next one is mid-range, and it plays an essential role for drummers. By that, they all can check the different level of music and how it is heard to the public. But the in-ear monitor delivers an armature level sound for the same. It gives a flat sensation to the ear for which it does not provide an excellent experience to the ear of the drummer even if it is deep in-ear.


When it comes to a high level, it is seen that it is not at all overpowering. The thing is that the company seems like it is keeping all things in balance and it lead to this. If you listen carefully, then there would be no sibilance in the ear, and all the music audio come to the ear are like natural. These things are not the feature that one wants when they go for the monitors for drummers.

Westone UM Pro 10 Pros:

  • It provides a detail sound quality to you.
  • You all can have great accessories.
  • The quality of the audio is fine.
  • The quality of the cable is nice, and it is replaceable.

Westone UM Pro 10 Cons:

  • The deep sound is flat.
  • It comes with a lousy sound signature.

So, overall, you all can find that the earcord is not up to mark. But yet, if you look at the positive point, then it gets fit quickly. The best part of it is that the monitors have a good band and it gives a flat yet good sound sense to the beginners.

For all the musicians who all would like to go for quality, in ear monitor can go for it. It is good in quality, and the price is not high and is affordable for you all.

4. In-ear Monitor OH1 earphone with two-pin interchange wire

If you all are searching to get the best in-ear monitors, then you can get the Ikko OH1 earphones. It is the top iem among all and got good quality as well. The earphone is built in the right way and is design in such a way that the products would be different from others. Before going in detail about this one, you need to see the specification of the iem.


  • It comes with a frequency range of 20 to 40 kHz.
  • If you take a look at the sensitivity, then you can get nearly 106 dB.
  • The cable length is about 1.2 m
  • IT has got an impedance of 18 hm.
  • It comes with excellent noise isolation properties.

Design and build quality

when you all take a look at the design of the ikko OH1, then you all will find a uniquely designed hybrid monitors for yourself. The products come with the Knowles 33518, and it got a balanced armature with it also. Apart from that all, the driver handles the upper mids and treble as well. For all these things, it is considered as top iem for you all.

The design of the OH1 is unique and nice with a hammerhead copperware. The shape which the monitors have got is after simulating all the data scientifically. The build quality is solid, and if you look at its products line-up, then it is top one. The seal exists between the alloy housing, and the faceplate is outstanding.

But when it comes to fit in-ear, you can find it little unsatisfying. The weight of the earbud can be felt quickly, and the silvery bud is good for the isolation of outdoor audio.


The next one come is cables which are an essential part of the earbuds. It has got the detachable cables and comes with the stock cable. It is nearly 1.2mm OFC silver-plated cable and is terminated in an excellent way also. The earbud comes with two pin 0.78 mm connector, and the finishing of the product is good.

The presence of sockets in here have got some friction which helps in inserting the pins of cables. For all that reason, it is best iem for you all. The cables have also got the binder so that it will not get tangled in any way. Moreover, you will not find any slider in here, and it gets fit nicely in the ear without any issue.

Sound quality

The central part of an earphone is its audio quality. So, if you look at it, then it is very much sensitive to power. For all that reason, it would be best for you to use the high output for getting good bass in here.

Vocal tips

It comes with the V-shaped response, and the DAPs are like M11/R6 for you all. It also gives good depth when you will listen to music in this one. The slow dip in the mids put a fantastic effect on the ear. The upper mid is excellent and comes out with clarity for you all.

With such effects in store for you all in the iem, you can get excellent audio quality from here. The earbud is right for the intensive drums theme, and the treble from the drum never get fade in here.

You all will get the frequencies in lifted format here which ranges from 2- 3KHz. Due to all these, it helps in boosting the nasal tones in a unique manner. If you want to have a good experience and a good fit, then go for it.

Ikko OH1 Pros:

  • It comes with the alloy sound cavity.
  • It has got a double titanium drive in it.
  • You would get a high-quality OFC silver-plated cable.
  • The earbud got two pin o. 78mm detachable cables in it.

Ikko OH1 Cons:

  • The price of the earbud is a little expensive.
  • You will not get a too good quality of audio in here.

So, the overall you can use the earbud for drumming performances. The earbud is excellent in fit and gives nice clarity to the sound. It is different from others as it is suitable for people who all are in the band. The intense and clarity it provides to you is not even available in its other line-up product. So, if you are searching for the quality iem, then you can get this one for you and your band also.

If you want an excellent earbud for drumming performance and within a specific budget, then get this one. It has got many features in it and can provide you with top audios when you are performing. It will help you in giving a good idea about how the sound is and what the audience is listening there from your instrument.

5. Shure SE215-CL Earphone

For all the drummer who all are searching for the top monitors for drummers can get the Shure SE215-CL. This earphone is different from others, and even it has got the best in-ear monitors features.

These in-ear earphones are unique and are consider as accommodating. It comes with many form factor, which is unparallel and is portable. Shure brand is the one that makes the excellent earphone for you, and it satisfies all the things that you all want.


when you are going to use the earphone, at first you all look at the design, then it has got a nice one. The design of the Shure is different from other earbuds and for all that all love it. If you take a look at it internally and for its performance, then it has got many adjustments in its hardware. The adjustment happens solely to make it fit the unique and extra hardware inside the earphone.

The earbud is designed in such a way that they all are wedged into the outer part of the ear. By that way, it all provide you with minimum noise disturbance in it. But with these all, it doesn’t end up giving nice audio sound for you all.

This iem are considered as unique as they are small, translucent, and the mould of the large cavity stays outside the ear canal. The main aim of the modules in it is to give a comfortable fit to the outer year.


The cables present in it is detachable cables. These cords even come with unique features and tweaks in them also. So, these are the common thing in the market but what is unique is it make the repair work easy. The cables don’t get tangled easily, and you can save time in making it tangled free. For all these, Shure is considered as the most loved brand.

Sound quality

when you put the earphone to your ear, it gives a warm sound offering to you. It even makes it right to fill the gaps that are present between the two instrument Piano and guitar. It gives you a clear view of every note that you all play in these two instruments.

All the sounds produced by it are in clarity, but then it is not giving a profound effect to you. This is where Shure may lack in consistency and fall a little bit behind others. But in the end, you can determine that the sounds in it are never lifeless or dull and they use to give clarity to you all. So, for all users who are searching for a clarity iem can now go for it easily.

Shure SE215-CL Pros:

  • The price of the earphone is affordable.
  • It gives excellent comfort to you.
  • It provides clarity in the sound.
  • It has a good design

Shure SE215-CL Cons:

  • It does not have any controls in it.
  • The sound quality is not deep.
  • It has got a slight learning curve.

With all these things in it, it shows how the earphone is proving that it has functional use for you all. If you take a look at it overall, you all will not find the negative thing in it. The negative occurrence that is present in here gets hide among its useful features which it has got to many extents.

The Shure proves that sound quality is above all other things when it comes to the earphone. These earphones are always considered as an excellent option for you all if you are searching for it. Apart from that all, there are other brands as well, which are having same features but the price is what it makes it different.

It is the best stage earphone for you all with active noise cancellation and good bass in it.

These are the top five earphone reviews that you may want for the stage performance. The use of the noise cancellation feature in it is even at the top, and they all provide you with the best sounding effect. Even the price of the earphone is justified here as per their features and other things in it. So, you can consider any of the IEMs from here for your stage shows and can have a great show out there.

In Ear Monitor From Drummers Buying Guide

If you are in search of getting your hand on best in-ear for drummer, then you can go for the table of contents here. In the market, you all can find that there are many in-ear monitors which all are very good in the specification. Due to that, it is always a great confusion among the drummers for buying the best in-ear monitor.

So, to make it easy for you all, you can go for the following best in-ear monitors which give you good music experience.

When you all are going to buy an in-ear headphone, then it is always the best idea for you to go for the best one. To choose the best one, you search for the best headphones with excellent sound quality. To make it easy for you here is the review of the top 5 in-ear monitors for you all with reviews.

How do I protect my ears when drumming?

When you are in a band and want to play something with your drums, then you can see that the most affected part of the body is eardrums. Eardrums are an essential part of the body, and it is essential to save it from getting damaged. For all that reason, you all need to go for the excellent protective gear for the eardrums so it will not get damaged in high volume.

In a survey among all band, it was found out that nearly 40 to 50 per cent of musicians have got hearing problems. All these things happen due to the high and loud sound in the stage.

If you are having the symptoms like the buzzing of eardrums, ringing inside, the ear canal is stuffed with something, can’t hear low voice talks then you are having the problem. There are some hearing issues which can get a fix as time passes, but some are not. So, to avoid all these, you need to go for the hearing protection kits.

It will help you in minimizing the full noise effect on your eardrums.

Ways to protect eardrums

Use of foam in earplugs

The very first and cheapest way to protect the eardrum in order to start to play great music, is to use the foam for reducing the volume. The foam earplugs reduce it for nearly 20-33 dB, and they are effective in an excellent way.

Go for customized moulded earplugs.

The next way to protect the eardrums from getting damage is by using the customized moulded earplugs. These earplugs are designed in such a way that it can help you in reducing the sound by a large extent. The fitting of the earplugs are nice as well, and they can get inside the ear canal.

By that way, they all give you protection to your ear. They help you in reducing the high frequency and make it clear to hear.


If you are searching for a more comfortable thing in here for your eardrums, then going for the earmuffs is nice. The design of earmuffs is such that it can block a large part of the noise to get inside the ear, and by that, you can protect the eardrums from getting damaged.

Earplugs with triple flanged

The upper version of the foam earplug is this triple-flanged. The earplugs are made from silicone plugs and are built in such a way that it is very easy to insert in your eardrum and are reusable as well. The filter that is present in there helps in blocking the loud volume and frequencies.

The earplugs have got their name due to the shape which is flanged structure. It helps in volume reduction, and the range starts from 12 to 29 dB. When you are going to buy it, make sure to take a look at the high fidelity feature. It will help you in getting clear sound and nice reduction in volume.

Take a break

The next and not the least thing to do is to take a break. It is very much important that you all take a break from what you are doing. It is not suitable for you nor for your body to play the drums for hours and to stay inside a high volume of loudness.

So, for that all, you all need to go for the break while doing things in here. By that way, it will give proper rest to your eardrums, and it can help you in providing proper protection to the eardrums.

So, these are the nice way by which can go for eardrum protection. Eardrums are an essential part of the body, and you need to take precautions for the same. Then you can do these things in a better way by taking this protection.

Do drummers wear earplugs?

The most important question that is being asked by an amateur is about the earplugs. Apart from that, there is other section of people who all ask about the need for earplugs by them.

Well, as a drummer, you need to make sure that your eardrums are safe. As they all are staying inside the high volume of frequency for long hours, so it gradually affects the eardrums. To protect the eardrums, they all wear earplug.

These earplugs are built in such a way that it can help you in a great idea. They all are very much helpful, and it makes things look nice for your hearing issues. The earplugs come to the market in different ways, and types and each of them has got various functions.

Some of the earplugs have got material which helps them in going for the reduction of frequency while others help in reducing the noise. Apart from that al, these earplugs to have got other functions in them and they are useful while drumming.

So, for all these things, you all can see that they all use earplugs so that they will not face any hearing issues at the middle or end of a career. They are considered as the excellent protective gear for your eardrums and protect you from excessive noise, frequency and high volumes.

Final words On The Best In Ear Monitor For Drummers

So, if you all are there searching for the best earplugs to protect your eardrums from excess sound, then you can have a look at the above article. Here there are top five earplugs that you can wear while drumming and they all come with unique features.

The main aim of the earplug is to protect your ear and to make your hearing loss issue minimize to a great extent. For all that you can visit here and can have a nice earplug for yourself.

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