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May 24, 2020

Best Gifts For Drummers – Drum Gift Ideas

Of the many beautiful and marvelous creations of humanity, music is perhaps the most beautiful and unique. It subtly adds to the wonderfulness of life and enhances every moment manifold. Be it a sad, stressful day or one of the happiest ones; everything just gets better when music is added to it. Just as music is the soul of life, rhythm is the soul of music and what provides better rhythm and melody than drums!

gifts for drummers

Drums are the world’s oldest and most ubiquitous musical instruments. In many traditional cultures, drums have symbolic functions. They are used in religious ceremonies as well as in music therapy. Their easy to use nature as well as variety makes them one of the most loved members of the music industry.

Most people often think that a drummer’s job is to provide the rhythm and beat to the music. But with the evolution of music as well as features of drums and the current position they hold, a drummer is much more capable, and even his jobs and responsibilities have increased by so much. Evidently, the talented and gifted drummers have revolutionized the way drums have been played.

Even though man has been beating on things to make music since the creation of the universe, the drums which are in use right now are a most recent invention. It is only recently that so many of these devices and techniques have been invented that provide melody that is so accurate and precise. Drummers may be treated as the underdogs of the musical world, but they have the power to revolutionize the world of music.

Thus, it is essential that talents like this be recognized and encouraged, preferably at an early age. What better way to show encouragement and support than by gifting a drummer something relevant and helpful? In today’s world, there are a variety of options to choose from while looking for gifts for drummers.

Gifts should always be useful. Such a gift not only earns you a special kind of respect and appreciation but also motivates and helps the receiver. In the case of drummers, practice and consistency is the key. If you have a drummer in your life, the best possible gift to give them is something that will help them with their drumming skills and passions. These gifts are of so many varieties and present so many options. It is important to do the research and find the perfect gift. This guide is perfect for helping you with that.

Note: If you want to give your drummer a brand new drum kit, then our site is your ultimate guide. You can check out this guide for the best electronic drum kit or this guide for the best beginners drum kit.

Best Gifts For Drummers Under $30

Below is our complete recommendation for the best gifts for drummers under $30:

1. Remo RT-0008-00 8” Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead

This Practice Pad is the perfect affordable gift for beginners but also great for the advanced drummers to practice consistently. It has the feel and bounce of a real drum. It can be mounted on a stand for upright playing, but it is also suitable for tabletop use.

It has a protective rubber bottom to avoid scratches and slips during table use. This will make a great addition to any drummer’s collection. It is cheap and sturdy, the perfect gift for beginners to practice, and a very convenient and clever one for the advanced and professional drummers.


  • A great gift for drummers of all levels, beginners as well as advanced.
  • Very handy and portable.
  • Easy to use and features multiple use options.


  • Not very advanced with the features.
  • It can only play one type of bass and pitch

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2. Big Fat Snare Drum Snare Drum Head (BFSD14)

This drum head can be used on any drum to produce the sound of the vintage Big Fat Snare Drum of the ’70s. It can lower the pitch of any drum conveniently without the hassle of tapes and tapes. It has the custom blend of patent-pending rubber and plastic, and all the drummer has to do is simply place this drum head on the head of the existing drum to get the desired result.

A big fat snare drum is a convenient gift for the drummers, this snare drum head is perfect for producing the vintage kind of music and having a nostalgic time. The uniqueness and beauty of the music produced with this big fat snare drum is guaranteed to please the ears as well as the heart.

Check out our guide on the best snare head!

3. SNAREWEIGHT M80 Black Drum Tone Control

It is used to control the resonance of the drum. It has four different settings – mild, medium, heavy, and off. It fits the snare drum of any size starting from 8” to 14”.it also consists of some weight on the head to lower the frequency decay while keeping the drum bright and real at the same time.

It can be used for a variety of hoops, and the thickness of the leather ranges between 1.5 to 2mm.  The variety of settings and customizations available make this a great gift for every drummer. The flexibility allows it to prevent warps and kinks, thus increasing its durability by a great factor.

4. Promark S22 Sizzler, 22” or Smaller”

This sizzler saves the drummer from drilling permanent holes into the cymbals to achieve the classic jazz sizzle sound. It fits all cymbals of size 22” or smaller. It rests above the cymbal bell just like a standard felt washer, and its smaller metal beads produce a classic jazz single.

Usually, for drummers to achieve that definite quality of classic sizzle sound, they have to go through a lot of hassle of using equipment to drill holes into their beloved cymbals. But this sizzler saves them all that hassle and even prevents them from having to put a hole in the cymbals. It is a lifesaver and must-have for every drummer and cymbals lover.

5. On-Stage MSA5050 Clamp-On Mic Stand Cup Holder

This clamp-on drink holder is used to store the drink within the drummer’s reach while performing. Its soft neoprene rubber keeps the temperature of the drink constant while preventing condensation from dripping on to the equipment. It has a cup diameter of 3 to 3.25”.

Playing the drums is a tiresome job that requires a lot of energy and stamina. It is only natural to have a drink ready nearby. But with the energy and the hype of the drummers along with their movements, it has a high chance of spilling or breaking and damaging the instrument or hurting the drummer. This can all be avoided by this cup holder.

The drummers can take a swig of their favorite drink whenever and wherever needed without having to constantly worry about spilling them and making a mess or breaking a cup and putting someone at the risk of injury.

6. Zildjian Super Drummer’s Towel

This drummer’s towel is used by a drummer to muffle a drum or wipe the brow since playing the drums can be a pretty sweaty and tiring job. It comes in a grey colour and has a hook to hang it while the drummer is playing. It is 16” by 26” in dimensions and features the Zildjian logo.

The energetic and active part of drumming is what makes it so passionate and enjoyable. For a drummer, sweat is like second nature. But this might affect the grip, and sometimes they are playing the drums. Thus it is a great idea to have a towel handy.

Normal towels are great, but they are not very convenient to use or put away when not in use, especially definitely not during a concert or a practice session. But this towel, specifically designed for drummers, is of the perfect dimensions and measurements to be convenient to a drummer and, at the same time, can be conveniently put away when not in use.

It can even be hung nearby or on the drum with its hook.

7. Zildjian Drummer’s Survival Kit

This drummer’s survival kit contains all the items drummers need during their performance. The items it contains are six cymbals felts, three cymbal sleeves, 2 HiHat Clutch felts, 1 HiHat cup felt, and three 8mm wing nuts along with eight tension rods (4-floor tom and four snare drum), 12 nylon washers, one drum key, and two snare wire cords.

Drummers have the bulkiest equipment. Even their most basic equipment is way more than any other musician. It is highly inconvenient for them to carry a whole huge box of tools they might need. Thus, this survival kit is the solution.

It has everything that a drummer might need in an emergency. With this kit present, a drummer can travel without any worries focussing his whole mind on his music and his passion.

8. Drummers Coffee Mug – And Then God Said Let There Be Sexy People, So He Made Drummers

This is an 11 oz ceramic mug with a sweet message for the drummer. It is inexpensive, classy looking, and great for daily use. It is made with the highest quality ceramic and best sublimation ink on the market. It is convenient to use with its perfectly balanced weight, and the ink is not subjected to fading or wearing out.

This mug can be used not only daily but also on special occasions. The message is bound to amuse and delight the receiver.

9. Eat Sleep Love Drumming Water Bottle

This water bottle is another perfect gift for drummers. It can be used to carry around water or any other sorts of drinks as preferable. It sports a glossy exterior with an adorable yet motivating message. It will be just about the coolest addition to a drummer’s kit.

This is yet another perfect gift. It can be used to carry water to concerts, gigs, and even practice sessions. The drummer’s theme will match perfectly with these situations, and having a bottle of water is always advisable, handy, and convenient for drummers, considering the active and tiring work they have to do.

To maintain the energy and stamina, the drummers need to be hydrated, or else the risks of fainting and fatigue increase dangerously. Gifting a water bottle like this will be a great way of showing how much you care about them.

10. Drummer Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

This is an 11 oz ceramic mug with a funny message on it, perfect to make anyone laugh and smile every time they see it. The printed design shows on both sides of the mug and stops approximately one inch away from the handle. It comes with a C handle.

The imprinted design is sublimated, hence long-lasting. A ceramic mug with a funny message is always a great option for an ideal gift. It will be used daily and thus will make your drummer smile every day as well as think of you every time they use it and remind them of their wonderfulness as well.

Ceramics always present a different kind of sweetness and adoration in case of gifts and coffee mugs never get old. Beverages constitute a great part of life, and coffee mugs continue to make people happy.

11. Think Out Loud Apparel Drummers Evolution

This is a 100% ring-spun cotton shirt featuring a hilarious yet cool message regarding drummers. It is a perfect symbol of embracing the passion of drumming and sporting it proudly. The ring-spun cotton quality of the shirt ensures its good quality and durability.

T-shirts are something a majority of people love to receive as gifts. Especially people like drummers who are involved in sweaty and energy-consuming activities as well as going around on tours and traveling for gigs.

It is a great idea to have a cool t-shirt to wear on occasions like that. Something to remind them of their talent and passion as well as make a style statement and make people love and admire them.

12. Think Out Loud Apparel Drums T-Shirt Artistic Design Drummer Tee

This is a t-shirt featuring an artistic design of drums. It has a cool, dark, carefree yet passionate vibe to it. It is a perfect gift for drummers as well as anyone who is a fan of drums or even music. It would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Its comfort and durability will only enhance its value as a product. The feel and vibes this t-shirt imparts are just what makes it so amazing. This brings out a whole new style and fashion statement, as well as the message of the artistic nature of drummers.

13. CPT Men’s Weapons of Mass Percussion T-Shirt

This is a t-shirt for drummers sporting a funny yet cool message. It will make a great addition to a drummer’s wardrobe and is even perfect to wear to gigs and band practices. The good quality, long durability, and low price make this t-shirt a great option for everyday use as well.

This t-shirt can even act as a cool yet unique uniform in some ways. It shows the position of the drummer while implying an underlying sense of humor at the same time. It is guaranteed to make people adore the drummer.

14. Moongel Resonance Pads

This is a resonance control device used to control the resonance of the drums while playing. These resonance pads will dampen the sound and fix the decay. They come with an adhesive gel that sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. It is packed in a durable plastic container and made from non-toxic gel.

15. Daily Drum Kit Warm-Ups

This book lists and describes 365 warm-up techniques for drummers, one for each day of the year to maintain their practice and stamina. It covers all the important basic aspects of drumming while maintaining the overall development of the drummer.

It also comes with audio that includes a variety of exercises. Books are always a great idea for a gift. What could be better than presenting someone a pre-recorded version of knowledge from an expert in the same field that they are passionate about?

Books always help in getting better at something. This book will help the drummer learn the correct techniques to keep his or her hands safe while playing and how to develop the correct techniques.

But other Drumming books may also be worth as a gift.

16. Pearl Drum TechTool (PTT13)

This tech tool kit is a vital addition to any drummer’s bag. It consists of a variety of tools that will be handy to a drummer. It features 6 Hex keys ranging from 2 to 6 mm, five screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. The tool sports an anodized orange body with black tools.

17. Zildjian 10” K Con Drumming Practice Board

This is a wooden board designed to look like cymbals. It is 10” in diameter and made of 100% real bamboo. It has the K Constantinople logo on it and a juice groove around the perimeter of the board. To top it off, this comes in eco-friendly packing.

18. Fred MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

This is a set of two spoons, one slotted and one solid with handles shaped like drumsticks. These 13” spoons are made of solid beech wood, so they serve as the perfect drumsticks in the kitchen. These are perfect for a drummer’s kitchen, to drum round while not stirring and waiting for the food to cook. It is a great way to practice and have some fun in the kitchen.

19. Cymbal Monkey Salad Tongs

These are salad tongs shaped like the classic cymbal playing monkey toy that must have been every drummer’s favorite at one point in their childhood. This would be a fun and sweet reminder of their passion for drums.

Drummers love to have things in their house that remind them of that passion of theirs, and this gift would be an amazing addition to that collection. These are made of polished chrome and are really cheap and affordable.

20. Oval Keychain, Drum Set, Personalized

This personalized key chain with an engraved drum set makes for an amazing and inexpensive gift for drummers. It will make them stand out wherever they take it, and whenever they use it. The feature of personalization adds the effect of uniqueness, while the drums on it act as a sweet reminder of their talent and charm.

21. Musiclily Wood Mini Standard Drumkey Drum Key Chain for Drummer

This is a keychain in the shape of tiny drumsticks. It comes in a pack of two and makes for an adorable gift item. The drumsticks are made of real wood, and the color is beautiful. These are about 3 ½” to 4 “ in size.

22. Drum Kit polished silver-plated keyring

This is another novelty gift item for drummers with incredibly detailed design and a cool outlook. This polished silver keychain with an attached ornamental drum set will make for a beautiful gift for a drummer. It is unique and highly appealing.

23. Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, The Ultimate Drum Mat

This cool drum mat makes for a great gift for a drummer. It prevents the drums from moving around while the drummer is playing them. It performs all the functions of a large drum rug while conveniently weighing less and taking up less space. It includes a patented system with self-adhesive Velcro strips.

24. KickBlock Bass Drum Block

This device is used to avoid the bass drum creep. It locks the kick bass drum in a place and holds it there while the drummer plays. It has 27 inches of military-grade Velcro that attaches with a compatible Velcro rug and locks the drum in place while putting a shock absorber in front of it. It is great for gigs and studio work.

25. Mini Finger Drum for Kids

This finger drum novelty set is a great desktop item for any drummer from ages three and above. It runs on batteries and has great light and sound effects. Once it is turned on, you can tap it with your fingers and create your own music.

It even has the record option so that you can record your best creations. Each drum has a different sound and lights up. Oh, and don’t forget to check our list of Kids Drum Set, just in case.

26. Drummer Gloves

These are professional drummer’s gloves, and they come with the “hot spot” pads for longer life and better wrist support. They are great for drummers and provide the best protection to hands during playing. The leather is thick and supports the actions.

26. Personalized Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Drumsticks

These are personalized drumsticks. They provide the feel of uniqueness and make for an amazing gift for any drummer. Each drumstick can have the same or different message engraved on it, so it is perfect even to send any sweet messages always to make them smile every time they see or use it.

Best Gifts For Drummers Under $100

Below is our complete list of recommendations of the best gifts for drummers under $100:

27. Soundbrenner Pulse Drumming Watch

This metronome is a device for drummers or any other musicians to keep track of their beats. It is a new concept and a great improvement on the traditional improvement that made clicking noises and was hard to sync with the timing. It works on vibrations, so you can just feel your beat rather than hearing it. Here is our complete Soundbrenner Pulse review.

28. Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum Head, 22”

This drum head is externally mounted. It has an adjustable damping system that allows the drummer to adjust the attack and focus of the drums with the help of two adjustable foam rings. It is available in a variety of sizes and versatile for many music genres. The adjustable damping is suitable for all bass tones.

29. Eargasm High Fidelity Drumming Earplugs for Concerts

These earplugs are great to protect your ears from loud noises and damage. These are great for drummers to use during events and concerts and perhaps even during practice. It cuts out the excess sound while producing a sound maintaining a perfect spectrum. So it will not muffle the sound like the regular foam or earplugs.

30. ChargerCity Heavy Duty Music Stand

This tablet holder is a great gift for drummers. It can be attached to the bars of cymbals or microphones and is adjustable from 7 to 12” with the cases. The aluminum clamp allows it to be mounted on most flat-edged places.

31. Promark Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag

This drumstick bag is a great gift for drummers as it protects the most prized item of any drummer –  their drumsticks. It is waterproof, made of good quality synthetic nylon leather and great for safe transportation of drumsticks.

This is designed specifically for transport purposes, so it is perfect for taking to gigs and concerts. It includes features like magnetic secured leather carrying handles, slots for cards, zippers for wallets, keys, and metal hanging tom mounts.

32. Drumkit Dust Cover

This is a great accessory to keep the drums free of dust. This cover is water-resistant and nylon, so it even keeps the water and harmful UV rays away. It comes with completely sewn in weighted corners to keep it in place when covered on the drums.

33. Soft Cymbal Bag

This cymbal bag is perfect for hands-free transportation of cymbals, thus makes a great gift for drummers. It has a variety of compartments to ensure the storage of many different types of cymbals. It is 22 inches in diameter and comes with adjustable shoulder pads.

If you want a different, bigger bag, then this Protec Deluxe 24” 6-Pack Cymbal Bag may fits your need.

34. Zildjian Cymbal Clock

This clock made from an actual cymbal will make for an amazing and beautiful gift for drummers. It is battery powered and 13” in diameter. You can hang it on the wall as well. It will make a great addition to the studio or music room.

35. Pearl P930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal

This power shifter comes with a single chain and a perfect circle cam with removable eliminator style eccentric cam along with a power shifter longboard. The dual surface beater with control core and infinitely adjustable beater angle make it an amazing gift for drummers. The overall bass drum sound from this pedal will be perfect piece of drum hardware to add to your kit if you seriously play drums.

36. ChromaCast Snare Drum Bag

This bag is designed by drummers, and for drummers thus it meets the needs of a drummer perfectly. It has an interior diameter of 17” and a depth of 7”. It comes with a 20 mm padding, name tag, padded handle, and removable padded shoulder strap. It can be used to store snare drums, music sheets, etc. This bag is a great option for transporting your drum set and can even fit many pieces of an electronic drum kit which makes it a good option for most drummers.

37. Tama Rhythm Watch RW200 For Drummers

This rhythm watch is what a drummer needs to stay on tempo live in the studio. It features plenty of volumes for different notes to use while playing the drums, as well as a dial for quick tempo adjustments.  It has a large easy to read backlit display, a more durable housing, and keypad and more pattern for storage.

38. Drum Hardware Bag

This hardware bag is extremely versatile. It has a wide opening and large storage capacity. It has rolling wheels, with three grab handles. It features padding on the main handle. It sports great structure and strength. Drummers tends to transport their drum set or electronic drum kit in large duffle bags, but a heavy duty hardware bag will maintain your percussion sounds and keep your acoustic drum set healthy.

39. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating In-Ear Monitors

These earphones offer detailed sound with enhanced bass for personal use or professional monitoring. It has comfortable sound isolating sleeves that block up to 37 decibels of ambient noise. Its sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with the listening experience. Thus it is a great gift for drummers to use on stage as well as on the go.

Best Gifts For Drummers Under $250

Below is our complete list of the best gifts for drummers under $250:

40. Panyard Steel Drum, (W1070)

This is an authentic, high-quality steel drum for all ages, starting from 3 at an affordable price. It has eight notes in the key of G, and the notes on the drum and the songbooks are marked by the note letter so that it is easy to play for even the beginners. A steel drum is one of the most popular gift ideas for experienced drummers and can be paired well with a snare stand and drum pads.

41. Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument

This percussion instrument comes with a high-speed motion camera. It is very portable and silent to others when used with earphones. It has high-quality sound and almost like a real drum kit or electronic drums. It is great for playing like a drum set without actually having a drum set. It acts as a dynamic and cost-effective midi record studio.

42. Tascam, 4 AD Converter, Black, DR-40 (DR-40)

This converter comes with adjustable mics, four-track recording, and extended battery life. It lets the drummer record tracks anywhere. The internal mics are adjustable to the sound of the room. A pair of great-sounding microphones are also available with it which can be paired with in ear monitors to help create a variety of different music styles.

43. Multi-Tom Drum Bag with Wheels

This drum bag provides a snug fit for the drums. It comes with multiple padded dividers to provide safe separation for each of the drums. The bag provides a snug fit to the drums and would make a great and useful gift for drummers. It even comes with a top handle to pull the bag.

44. Alesis Sample Pad 4 Drum Kit

This percussion and sample triggering instrument is used to add your own sounds to the drum or percussion setup. It has a built-in library of the 25 most commonly demanded percussion and electronic drum sounds to provide the best experience. Beginner drummers and professional drummers can benefit from a practice pad and sample paid. It can allow you to sample natural sound or add more natural sound into your music.

45. ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne

This drum seat provides the perfect comfort and position to drummers while playing. The height is adjustable from 18” to 24”. The bicycle seat style cushion provides comfort and prevents fatigue during long jam sessions. Free spinning reduces strain on the spine from constant twisting. The welds are of good quality as well. Check out our complete best drum throne review guide.

46. Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Machine

This analog bass machine bundle comes with the case, power supply, and a polishing cloth as well. It has three analog oscillators for thick, huge bass lines. It features an electribe style 16 step sequencer with eight memory patches and a self-tuning function for stable pitch. The analog machine comes with a built-in speaker and optional battery power.

Best Gifts For Drummers Under $550

Below is our complete list of the best gifts for drummers under $550:

47. Westone – UM Pro20 Drumming Headphones

These are professional in-ear monitors suitable for any range and condition on stage. It stays securely in place and reduces up to 25 decibels of noise. It is a highly recommended gift for drummers, bass players, and worship bands. It comes with a replaceable cable, mini monitor, comfort tips, and cleaning tool.

48. Tune-Bot Drum Kit Tuner

This drum tuner is one of a kind. It reduces the hassle and time that normally requires to tune a drum. It is useful for lug pitch matching, measuring, and matching overall tone interval tuning of Toms. It features over 80 save slots, easy to read display with backlight, drum hoop clip, drum tuning charts, and pitch recommendations.

49. Zildjian 24” Rolling Cymbal Vault

This rolling cymbal vault fits cymbals up to a diameter of 24”. Its foam padding minimizes interior abrasion. It features reinforced support for cymbal bells and contoured shape for maximum protection. It holds between 5 to 10 cymbals. It also features rolling wheels and a sleek tow handle.

50. Roland Rhythm Drum Coach

This is great musical equipment. It helps with timing accuracy, dynamic ability, and fell and groove control. It has many features, including the added benefit of hearing what you play. It is programmable so you can search for the sound that best suits your personal taste.

51. Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum

What better gift for a drummer than a real drum! This drum features 2.3 mm triple-flanged hoops, classic bowtie lugs, P-85 strainer, milled center bead, and black/white badge. This will make for a classic gift and serve great for educational purposes.

Best Gifts For Drummers Under $1000

Below is our complete list of the best gifts for drummers under $1000:

52. Roland SPD-SX Percussion Drum Sampling Pad

This device is used for powerful sample creation and playback. It sports innovative audio capturing features, expressive playability, and three multi-effects engines. It will be a prized addition to a drummer’s collection. It can be used for practice, gigs, concerts, and even parties.

53. Zildjian Cymbal Pack

A cymbal set is always a very important part of a drummer’s kit. These cymbals provide the perfect look and feel to compliment the drummer’s kit. This set has cymbals that produce the crisp, sweet, sophisticated sound that is just perfect for modern music. They are then weighted and have a brilliant finish for a fast and clean attack.

What Gifts Will A Drummer Actually Use?

Of all the different types of musicians, perhaps drummers have the most variety and versatility in case of equipment. They not only account for numbers but also for bulk.

A drum kit consists of drums and other percussion instruments that have to be played by a single drummer using both hands and even feet (hi-hat cymbal and bass drum). A standard drum kit has the following items in it:

  1. A snare drum, mounted on a stand, placed between the player’s knees and played with drumsticks.
  2. A bass drum, played by a pedal that is operated by the right foot
  3. One or more toms, played by sticks or brushes
  4. A hi-hat (two cymbals mounted on a stand), played with sticks, opened, and closed with the left pedal. It can also produce sound by the use of the foot alone.
  5. One or more cymbals mounted on a stand played with sticks.

Apart from this basic equipment, there are a number of hardware and gear used by drummers on each level. This list goes on increasing with the level of advancement of a drummer. Some of these may include practice drum pad, metronome, tuning key adapter, drummer headphones, bass drum microphone, drum bags, effect drum, etc.

Why Will Drummers Love These Gifts?

Drummers, though the essential part of the musical world, have never been paid the attention and compliments they deserve. Their work is considered as easy, and they are one of the most looked over parts of a band. But many recent studies show that drummers are actually better than the rest.

A Swedish study found that people with high intelligence are better at keeping time and holding a rhythm. It also showed a link between rhythmic accuracy and high problem-solving abilities. This means that even if all drummers are not highly intelligent, intelligent people are more likely to become great drummers.

Drummers may do their whole job sitting down on their throne, but nobody can deny that it is an intense physical activity. The results of a long term study led researchers to conclude that drumming is as physically demanding as some of the most active sports.

Developing rhythmic skills strengthens the ability to control one’s behavior. It also provides the ability to understand speech better in a noisy environment. This makes drummers the calmest and collected individuals who can resolve conflicts way better than others. All these qualities combined make drummers obviously the best!

What To Buy Someone Who Plays Drums?

When you are shopping for a gift for someone who plays the drums there are many different options. There are many different pieces of equipment, tools, and accessories that are used by drummers to upgrade their kit or create new sounds. Below are a few of the most popular ideas for gifts when shopping for a drummer.

  • Noise canceling earplugs
  • Drumming practice pads
  • New drum sticks
  • Additional cymbals
  • Drumming shoes
  • Protective drumming gloves
  • Drum kit carrying case or bag
  • Drummer t-shirts or clothing
  • Beat counting metronome
  • Recording technology

What Do New Drummers Need?

New drummers will need a variety of new equipment as they become more experienced. A basic drum kit is all a new drum needs when they first begin, but in no time they will begin to need additional gear to improve their capabilities. The first thing a new drummer should get after they have a drum kit is additional drum sticks, a metronome, ear protection, a drum toner, a practice pad, and additional cymbals or snare drums if they don’t have one.

Why Do Some Drummers Wear Gloves?

From the time they start learning till the last day of their drumming, drummers use a variety of drips and techniques to hold the drumsticks and play the drums. It might look very easy, but drumming is much more than just holding sticks and beating the drums.

There are so many technicalities and little things that matter so much and can change the whole situation if handled carelessly. With so many things to take care of, it is bound to take a toll on the drummer’s hands and fingers.

Mostly the reason is angry blisters and dry skin that sometimes get so bad that the hands start to bleed. Wearing a glove provides protection to a great extent against this to a drummer’s hands. There are even gloves that are specifically designed for this purpose. Some drummers may use them while others look for alternatives.

Some people also believe that wearing gloves can help with the grip. For example, for drummers who sweat too much, gloves may help avoid the hands from becoming slippery. Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons, there are some drummers who also use gloves as a fashion statement and wear them simply to enhance their style. It is totally a drummer’s call!

How Many Different Drums Are There?

There are five different drums in a drum kit basically. These areas listed below:

  1. The Bass drum/Kickdrum. This is the largest of all drums. It is played using a foot pedal that is attached to the rim or hoop of the bass drum. This is the most common of the drums and is used alone or with other drums in a variety of styles.
  2. The HI-Hats. The Hi-Hat cymbals are a pair of cymbals that close against each other using a foot pedal. These are the most dynamic of all drums because of the variety of sounds they can produce.
  3. The Snare Drum. The snare drum is the most important drum as it forms the center of the kit and can be used in a variety of ways. The snare drum sits on a special snare drum stand consisting of three legs and a three-arm basket to hold the drum.
  4. Tom Toms. These come in a variety of sizes. On a five-piece kit, tom-toms are of three types – high tom, mid, and a low or floor tom. These have a variety of mechanisms to be mounted on stands and played.
  5. The Ride Cymbal. This is a larger cymbal of fairly 20”.it generally sits on the right-hand side of the drum kit. It is normally a heavier cymbal played with the tip of the drumstick to produce a particularly high pitched sound.

Final Thoughts On Gifts For Drummers

Thus, drummers being one of the most precious and prized gems of the music industry, have a great role to play in its evolution and development. No matter what level they are in, they deserve to have the best of presents. It will not only show them appreciation and love but motivate and encourage them to constantly strive towards perfection and try to give the world their best while enjoying their passion at the same time.

This guide to gifts for drummers covered almost all the possible gifts there are available for these great musicians. These gifts come in a variety of ranges and are categorized accordingly. Each gift has its pros, cons, and its unique charm. All the items listed on this guide will make for perfect gifts for drummers. There can be some great gifts found under each price range.

The gifts under 30$ have the most variety starting from little novelty personalized items to t-shirts and even little pieces of equipment for the drummer’s use. The snare drum head and ceramic mugs especially stand out. Under the range of 100$, the drum covers and the tablet holder are the best.

The aerodrome air drums, as well as the steel drums, will make for great gifts for any drummer, beginner or advanced. It will be authentic and a little attempt at providing something comprehensive.

When the price range moves higher, the gifts get more and more particular, catering to the need for advanced and professional drummers. The custom cymbal, as well as the snare drum, are the best options in this case.

They will make a great addition to a professional drummer’s collection, and at the same time, they will serve as a great symbol of motivation and persistence for a beginner. Every gift is beautiful and has its own value. This guide is an attempt to help you pick your best gift for your best drummer.

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