Cheap Drum Set

To all those aspiring drummers around who want to start their drumming journey or want to achieve excellence in their skills does not need to worry about the massive cost of a drum set. Many drummers fail to pursue this hobby of drumming just because they end up afraid of it costing too much. They should be relieved now. Drumming is not an expensive hobby anymore. You can easily pursue your interest by having a budget-friendly drum set.

cheap drum setBut finding the best drum set at a reasonable price can be an extremely challenging activity. However, in this guide, we have highlighted some of the best drum sets that are budget-friendly. We have mentioned cheap drum sets for adults as well as kids so that the spark of music within you does not extinguish. Now, when we say ‘cheap drum set,’ it does not mean that it will be of poor quality. The drum sets mentioned below are well made for the price and will give you maximum. Let us inspect these drum sets closely.

There are a plethora of drum sets available in the market, which makes it difficult for you to select the best and cheap ones for yourself. Before you land in the market and find yourself confused about finding a cheap drum set for yourself, we have highlighted some of the cheapest drum sets for you.

Best Cheap Drum Kit

? Gammon Drum Set ?


Gammon Percussion provides you with a complete package at the lowest price. It is the best drum set for your kid if he/she wants to take up his/her drumming journey. This drum set comes in four exciting colors, which are black, blue, pink, and red, so that you can easily lure your child towards drumming. Furthermore, the presence of four colors makes it easy for you to select according to the interior of your studio or practicing place.

The drums are made up of real wood shells that enable them to endure the rough and tough strokes of kids. These wooden drums look extremely attractive because of the high glossy finish around them.

Hardware and features

The drum set comprises a 16” bass drum, a snare drum, and a snare stand. The presence of mounted cymbals and hi-hat cymbals provides you with the liberty to strengthen your foundations and let you have the experience to try a variety of forms.

Additionally, two Tom drums, along with bass pedals, are also present. Moreover, the set consists of drumsticks, drum pedals, and a flexible tool. The presence of an adjustable stool makes it easy for you to customize it according to the height of your child. Kids within an age bracket of 3-8 can conveniently use it until they reach a professional level of drumming.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable drum stool
  • A complete set
  • Good acoustics according to children


  • Low-quality cymbals

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Cheapest Drum Set for Kids

Surprise your child this birthday by giving a real drum set on his/her birthday. This will not only make your kid happy but will increase his creativity as well. We have mentioned the cheapest drum set you can get for your kid.

? Mendini By Cecilio Drum Kit ?


This Junior drum kit by Mendini is a perfect package which you only have to set and start playing. It is an excellent set for your junior kid to explore his interest in drumming. The drum set is made up of sturdy material that means it will be a reliable companion for your younger one. The material is durable and cannot be easily broken due to the rough behavior of kids.

The piece set comes in six attractive colors so that you have a variety of shades to choose from. The colors are Metallic Blue, Metallic Bright Red, Metallic Wine Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Green, and Metallic Silver.

Hardware and Features

The drum set consists of a 16″ x 11″ bass drum with a chain-driven pedal. A pair of toms, matching snare drums and a floor tom. It consists of a hi-hat withstand, crash cymbal with a bass drum mounted stand. A couple of wooden drumsticks is present so that you can create your favorite tunes.

The padded throne makes your posture comfortable during long sessions of practicing. Additionally, the throne is height adjustable that makes it easier for you to adjust it according to the growing kid and you do not have to worry about buying a separate stool. An instruction manual is also present so that you can easily set up your drum set. The drum set is suitable for kids having a height from 3ft to 5ft.


  • Most instruments are height adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Toms and snares deliver excellent sound quality
  • Backed by one ear warranty


  • Cymbals and kick drum produce low-quality sound

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Cheapest Electronic Kit for Adults

Electronic drum kits have flooded the market in the last two decades. You might find it challenging to get the cheapest one for yourself from the market. We have mentioned the cheapest electronic kid for adults.

? Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit ?


This all-black Nitro Mesh Kit looks classy and impressive. It can go with all sorts of home décor or studio interiors. Also, it is a complete 8-piece electronic drum set that features the advanced mesh head drum technology. Alesis provides you quality with affordability.

Hardware and Features

It comes with a 5-piece drum set with three cymbal pads. Four out of five drumheads have mesh technology. These mesh heads are tunable, which means you can adjust its rebound and sensitivity. This gives you the liberty to adapt the whole setting according to your taste.

An 8” dual-trigger snare and three single-zone tom pads are also present. Dual-zone means that you will get an active response by playing on both the drumhead and the rim. Although they are not large, you can still play them conveniently.

The cymbal section comprises three pads, which are crash cymbal with choke, hi-hat, and ride cymbal, presenting a diameter of 10 inches. The set accompanies drumsticks along with a bass pedal drum. The bass pedal drum is better than the footswitch kick that is present in typical kits.

The Nitro Mesh kit has a sturdy drum rack, which is made of aluminum and is lightweight. You can conveniently mount all the instruments and adjust them according to your posture.


This drum set features ready-made core sounds, which you can pair up with any of your tracks. There are 385 sounds along with 40 built-in tracks that can heat your performance quickly. This drum set has 60 play-along backing tracks, which is a considerable aid for amateur drummers. These tracks belong to various genres, from jazz to rock and pop to Latin, blues, etc.

The tempo button assists you in controlling the speed of backing tracks. You can play any other tune as a backing track by using the built-in AUX input. The drum kit also provides you with the option to record your playing.  USB MIDI connectivity enables you to connect to any PC or Mac for using it as a controlling device. This feature gives you the chance to explore your potential and expand your performance level truly. Furthermore, the presence of a backlit LCD screen enables you to navigate through the menu and sound banks.


  • Tunable Mesh heads
  • Decent drum module
  • Dual-zone snare


  • Pads are relatively small
  • Rack adjustability

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Best Drum Set in Discounted Rate

What else do customers adore other than having discounts on their favorite products? After doing extensive research, we are bringing forth the best drum set you can get waiting for a discounted price.

? GP Percussion GP50MRB ?


This junior drum set is ideal for your younger one, which provides real-time drumming experience, but it’s perfectly OK for adults too. This drum set is built on a smaller scale. It grants a hands-on experience to your younger one by increasing their hand and leg coordination for playing drums. It is a 3-piece drum set that comes with cymbals, stands, and drumsticks. This junior drum set comes in a shiny metallic blue color that is eye-catching.


It comes with a 16 inches bass drum, 10 inches cymbal, a snare, a tom, and a bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum key, and hi-hat are also present. The drum kit has a junior throne, so your child can easily enjoy and revel in his/her drumming experiences. It grants you a complete drum kit, so you do not need to buy anything else separately.

The presence of a hi-hat makes this drum kit differentiates from others as most of the 3-piece drum sets do not have a hi-hat. You can easily assemble the set by reading instructions on the manual.


  • Durable
  • Attractive look


  • Some customers think that drumsticks are too short

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Cheapest Drum Set Around

This drumset is the cheapest one in the market. It’s made for kids, but it’s OK for teenagers and adults too.

? Glary Drum Set ?


This drum set is ideal if you or your kid wants to rock. It produces a beautiful sound and helps towards attaining perfection. The whole set is made of metal, which makes it durable. The set can easily sustain the rough strokes of your passionate drumming. It comes in a classical black color and occupies less space so that you can easily set it up in any corner of your house.

Hardware and Features

The 3-piece set comes with 13 inches bass drums, 8” x 6” and 10” x 4” tom toms, 8 inches cymbal, and four tuning lugs. A pair of drumsticks, a pedal, and a screw wrench are present. The set consists of a strap so that you can easily carry it around. The snare drums are smaller than the usual ones, so they can be adjusted anywhere.

The presence of a drum stool just completes the whole drum set, and there is nothing that is missing. A complete package within such a price attracts many consumers.


  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Low-quality cymbals

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The Affordable Best Seller

Who would not like to have the best products to satiate the artistic fervor within them? We have mentioned one of the best-selling products which are affordable as well.

? Ashthorpe 3-Piece ?


This is a marvelous set, which you can flaunt in front of everybody on the stage. The drum is crafted by high-end materials that vouch for the durability of this set. The premium materials such as genuine poplar hardwood shells and triple-flanged hoops enhance the response and resonance for the ultimate acoustic experience. The drums are finished with a glossy layer that increases their aesthetic appeal.

The set comes in attractive four colors, which are black, blue, green, and silver. The drum kit is compact, which implies that you can easily adjust it in any corner of your house.

Hardware and Features

The drum kit consists of 14” x 9” bass drums with an advanced chain-driven pedal, 10” x 5” mounted tom, and a pair of wooden drumsticks. It has 8” x 5” mounted snare with snare wires, 12” brass mounted crash/ride cymbal, and 10’’ hi-hat cymbals. The set comes with a cushioned, padded, and adjustable tool so that you can set it according to your size.

Moreover, an adjustable key, along with an instruction manual accompanies the set. You can conveniently assemble the whole kit by reading instructions. Kids within a range of 3-8 years can kick start their journey and end up in perfecting their skills.


  • High-quality materials
  • Compact
  • Sturdy drum set
  • Easy to assemble


  • No cons found

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Components of a Drum Kit

You must familiarize yourself with the essential components of a drumming kit so that you know things before you land up in the market for buying.

  • Kick drum. The kick drum, also known as the bass drum, is the lowest pitched drum in the drum kit. It is the biggest drum that stands in the center of the drum set and is played with a foot pedal. It provides rhythmic foundations to the piece of music.
  • Snare drum. It is the main drum in the set. It outlines the framework of the music piece and highlights the accent of the music.
  • A drum kit can have one, two, or three toms. These toms can be suspended or mounted depending on your ease. They produce hollow sounds of various pitches according to the size of it.
  • It produces the metallic soprano voices of the drum kit. A basic set includes crash, hi-hat, and ride.
  • It refers to the stand and the rack on which you can mount your components and have a great playing session. This makes your kit playable.
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How to Buy your First Drum Set?

Selecting a drum kit for yourself can be a daunting task. There are dozens of drum kits present in the market which can baffle a rookie. To ease out things for you, we have mentioned all the essential points you should check before buying a drum kit for yourself.

  • Age. This is an essential factor to consider before buying a drum kit. You should be aware of who is going to practice and for what purpose. If you are indulging your kid in drumming, then you should look up for drum sets that are designed for kids. While buying for kids, keep their height in mind so that there is no discrepancy in their leg and hand coordination. Similarly, if you want to purchase it for an adult, then you should know his/her level and get a set for him/her accordingly. In this way, you will be hassle-free and would not need to worry about anything after buying.
  • Number of Pieces. The number of pieces matters for advanced drummers as they experiment with various genres. For entry-level drummers, a 3-piece drum set along with cymbals is enough. If you want to have a standard drum kit, then a 5-piece drum kit is your solution. In the beginning, you do not know about the functions of various instruments, so it’s better you take some time and make yourself familiar with them. Afterward, you can switch to advanced level sets.
  • Quality. You should always check the quality of the drum kit before buying it for yourself. The material of the drum kit should be sturdy and durable. The wood of the drum shells plays a vital role in creating different sounds. Amateurs usually cannot distinguish between different sounds, so they should opt for a quality drum kit. Make sure that the hardware does not rattle and can last a considerable time.
  • Space Dimensions. Always think practically before buying a drum kit. You should now be aware of the size of the place where you want to set up your drumming kit. If your drum set occupies a whole room and looks awkward in your studio, then it’s of no use to buy a larger drum kit. Get the dimensions of the place and buy a drum kit according to it. An ideal drum kit fits beautifully in your studio or the corner of your room.
  • Look for All-Inclusive Kits. Many second-tier companies manufacture all-inclusive kits that are of excellent quality. A beginner should purchase an all-inclusive kit as it has all the essential components and saves you from buying every part separately. All-inclusive kits save your money as you get all the elements in a relatively cheaper amount. Many kits do not have cymbals or thrones, so you should check this before buying the kit. Moreover, you always have the option to replace any component from the equipment if you are not satisfied with its quality.
  • Price. Price is a decisive factor during shopping. Some drum kits have cost a whopping amount of money. As a beginner, you should not go for an expensive drum kit. Start your journey with a moderate or budget-friendly kit and then head towards expensive ones one you know how to use them efficiently.

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Tips and Tricks for the Beginners

You are always anxious when you try something new. Your anxiousness is justified because it is in human nature to get afraid while interacting with something unfamiliar. While dealing with products, you do not become afraid but are worried about how to use them appropriately. We are mentioning a few tips which might help you as a beginner in your drumming journey.

  • Drum kits for beginners do not have detailed assembling instructions. So, before assembling, it’s better to watch some YouTube videos or consult an experienced person.
  • No matter how expensive or branded your drum kit is, it has an expiry date. Your drum kit can last up to a certain time. So, do not be heartbroken when you see signs of deterioration.
  • Put down some tape on your toms to make them long-lasting. In this way, you will achieve precision and will be able to save the skin of the drum from wearing out quickly. Try to find the point which produces the best sound and put down tape on it.
  • Cymbals are the most delicate part of the whole drum kit. You should take extra care of them. If you are hitting them gently, then you do not need to worry. However, you need to be extra cautious while removing them and putting them into storage. Dropping or banging will instantly break them.
  • Practice makes a man perfect, so you have to practice patience while you can produce a satiating track. Do not start blaming your drumming kit since beginners take time to get the helm of things.

Please note, we also have written a comprehensive guide on drumming for beginners, you can check it here:

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How Much Does a Cheap Drum Set?

Drum kits can significantly vary in terms of their price due to various materials, sizes, types, material, and the brand. They can range from a mere $50 to $10,000. A junior drum kit is an essential sort of gear that does not have any extra components, so are cheaper. As you begin your drumming journey on a strict budget, then you can get a good junior set within a range of $50 to $200.

Intermediate drum kits usually have a five or 6-piece configuration. This is for people who are familiar with the art of drumming and now want to excel. An intermediate drum kit falls within a range of $500 to $1500.

Professional kits are designed in a way so that they can be carried anywhere during traveling. You can purchase a professional drum kit within a range of $3,000 to $10,000. The price varies according to the quality and instruments.

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How Much Does a Basic Drum Set Cost?

A group of percussion instruments arranged together to be played by a single person is regarded as the drum set. A basic drum set consists of shells, various cymbals, and hardware. You always have the liberty to add accessories and extensions to increase the performativity of your drum kit.  The price of a basic drum set varies according to the level for which you are buying. You can get a basic drum set within a range of $50 to $1000.

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How Can I Get a Cheap Drum Set?

It is not difficult for you to get a cheap drum set now since we have already mentioned the cheapest drum sets in this guide. You can easily step into your nearby shop and ask for your required model. Make sure to check everything before buying. If you are confused among some brands, then a courteous shopkeeper would allow you to try and then choose for yourself.

However, if you find this process cumbersome, then you can look up for these models online. You can easily judge a product’s worth through its reviews and select for yourself efficiently. Always beware of scammers and try to buy a cheap drum set for yourself from a reliable online store so that it can accommodate you in case of any inconvenience.

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Which Drums are Best for Beginners?

All the products which we have mentioned in this guide are cheap and provide a good quality for the price, but their features are really essentials. However, if you’re not on a strict budget but want the best drum kit for beginners, then you may want to check our guide instead:

The 5-piece drum set acquaints the beginners from scratch, so they do not have difficulty while transitioning to a higher level of a drum kit. It is sturdy enough to endure the rough strokes of business. Additionally, it is affordable, which is a plus point.

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There are numerous drum kits available that vary in terms of their material, size, number of components, and hardware. There is another category of drums that is an electronic drum kit that serves as a substitute for traditional percussion instruments. One may simply get baffled due to such a massive variety of drum kits present in the market. However, we have eased out things for you in this guide.

This guide has focused on highlighting the cheapest drum kits, so you don’t have to give up your interest in drumming just because of the cost. The products mentioned in this guide are some of the cheapest drum sets available which do not compromise on quality. You get high-quality products at a minimal price. Now, the ball is in your court to decide which one is the best for yourself.