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June 20, 2020

7 Best Toddler Drum Sets in 2021 –

Out of many wishes, drummers have in their hearts; the most heartfelt one is to see their little ones grow to share the same passion like theirs.  Who would not love to see those cute little beings developing a firm grasp on drum sticks and playing a different version of sounds with their little fingers?

best toddler drum set

Many of you must already have started training their toddlers to beat those sticks on a drum set that may be a spare one at your place.

However, little do many drummers know that there are several toddler drum sets meant specially for toddlers. A toddler drum set is made to cater to your little rock star’s specific needs that your old drum set would never fulfill. For those who want to see their child grow up becoming an expert drummer, making a small investment in a right drum set for kids is worth it.

If you want to teach drumming to your child, this post will help you do it efficiently. Below, we are going to cover all the relevant aspects to toddlers’ drumming along with reviewing our best picks for drum sets that you can consider getting your toddler.

Top 5 Best Toddler Drum Sets:

Confused about which one could be the best drum set for your toddler, here are out top 5 picks that will surely help you out in this case.

Union UT3 3-Piece Toy Drum Set for Kids

best toddler drum sets

If you have already started your search for the best toddler drum set, chances are you must have seen one of the drum kits being offered by Union. This brand has earned a reputation for itself in the past few years when it comes to making amazing drum sets and this 3 piece toddler drum set is one of their excellent most offerings.

With a look that matches that of a real adult drum set, this easy to play drum set is perfect for the youngest drummer of your family because of its realistic features and the tune-ability its allows for.  Another benefit of opting for this set is that you can easily switch to its higher versions as the child grows up.

This drum set comes in multiple colors and with all the accessories like the drum shells, thrones, mounting hardware for floor tom and snares, etc. The sturdy body of this set makes it a perfect option for your aggressive little drummer who cannot dent it that easily.

Dimple Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids

This drum set is for those who need something that not only keeps their toddlers engaged but also adds more to the beauty of their rooms. This electric bass drum kit comes with a mobile microphone and a small chair for your toddler to play while sitting.

The variety of functions that this bass drum has made it a complete drumming package, especially for those kids who would love to learn to drum professionally. Having all the vibrant colors in its body, this bass drum set comes with both right and left snare drums, two drum sticks, a pedal,  and a cymbal.

What we love about this one the most is its adjustable volume so that you don’t have to bear headaches after your toddler loves it enough to beat it on all day long. The built of this drum set is very sturdy and weighs enough to stay in place, making it safe for naughty toddlers.

Perfect for kids of 3 years and older, this drum has four light-up buttons to help you modify the sound easily and features two mallets as well.

Prextex Kids’ Electric Toy Drum Set for Toddlers

If you want to couple your child’s learning time with some fun, then this colorful drum set for kids would help you achieve your purpose. With a sturdy and colorful body that has all the finesse that one expects from high-quality toys, this drum set for kids lasts long, is easy to play, and makes for a good enjoyment at the same time.

Don’t want your toddler to stand up throughout and later complain about their leg’s pain? This toy set comes with a small stool for the drummers to sit and play their sounds.

The 24 inches high drum set has a bass drum, 2 snares, a working microphone, four light-up music modes, a cymbal, and a pedal and makes an ideal gift for your child of 4 years or above. Moreover, you can quickly assemble this set for your child to start learning the art of drumming right away.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check Latest Price” btn_url=”https://www.amazon.com/Prextex-Electric-Microphone-Adjustable-Included/dp/B07NVTN6N1/ref=as_li_ss_tl?&linkCode=ll1&tag=thestepkidsband-20&linkId=24920083cf381143a458a536471fc85c&language=en_US”]

🏆 Toy Velt 2 Piece Kids Jazz Drum Set 🏆

If you are looking for a very sturdy and robust toddler drum set that would last you long and is also good enough to bear numerous travel trips then this drum set from Toy Velt is something you can consider investing in.

The toy drum set features a total of 6 drums including a bass drum and snares, 2 drum sticks, a kick pedal, one small stool and a Cymbal to provide your child with an unlimited fun combined with learning and excellent skill development.

The set is not very colorful and does not give a toy-ish look and this makes it even cooler because of the professional touch it gives to your room. Best for your drummers of 3 years of age and even above, this drum set weighs no more than 5 pounds.

The only con of this drum set is that, if not fitted well, it can get dis-balanced quite easily which makes it necessary for you to supervise your toddler all through the practice session.

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Hands down the best drum set in this list, the Vtech kidi beats drum set is a perfect way to teach your children letters, phonics, and counting all at the same time as they learn to drum.  The set comes with four different learning drums and two drum sticks to beat them.

There are around nine pre-set melodies for the little drummer to play along, but free-style drumming is also supported. Toddlers can follow the lighting patterns to play the drum while learning about numbers and phonics too. The drum set is not only easy to assemble but is also very comfortable to work with.

Your child will love it for the colorful built it comes in, and you will love it for the educational features this drum set has to offer you – something not to be found in the majority of toddler drum sets.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check Latest Price” btn_url=”https://www.amazon.com/Vtech-KIDIBEATS-LEARNING-TEACHES-Counting/dp/B06XPFCXR4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=toddler+drum+set&qid=1591112143&sr=8-7&linkCode=ll1&tag=thestepkidsband-20&linkId=90bd53bc0117c96e783e966c80eb2eff&language=en_US”]

Where to buy kids drum set?

Finding a right drum set for your toddler can be hard if you are not fully aware of the brands offering such sets or don’t have enough information on the features that set one drum set apart from all others. However, it is not impossible because all you need to do is a little research for the best toddler drum sets brands https://thestepkidsband.com/kids-drum-set/, and you will surely find something worth your purpose.

Paying attention to which brand you are buying the set from is important because it has a lot to do with the quality of your drums and its sounds. These factors are the ultimate determiners of your kid’s ease during learning, which, in effect, has a lot of doing with his or her motivation. We are sure that you will never want your little rock star to give up so early and will, therefore, make the best possible choice of drums for him or her.

Benefits of Toddler Drumming

Unlike other musical instruments, people generally let their little ones play, drumming is considered as more of an adult’s thing. People, even many drummers like you, think that teaching drumming to their kids is not as beneficial for their mental development as other music instruments are, and many of you asked us What Is The Best Age To Start Drum Lessons?.

It is, therefore, important to discuss some of the most critical and unprecedented benefits of drumming for young drummers that are alone enough to convince many parents to teach drumming to their young ones.

Stronger motor and coordination skills

Drumming is an activity that obviously needs coordination and attention to everything. This is what makes it particularly helpful in improving focus and allows for better coordination of the four limbs. The activity requires one to work on their time management and carry things out simultaneously.

A kid learning such an engaging task is undoubtedly going to have better focus, multi-tasking skills, and quicker motor functioning as compared to others of his or her age who are not into drumming at all. Such a strong coordination skill and motor functioning is not only beneficial for drumming but will keep your child active and help him work smartly in the long run too.

Strong and active body

Child obesity is an issue many parents are dealing with in the modern-day world.  Fortunately, parents of little drummers are less likely to face this issue because of the higher amount of body activity required in drumming.

An activity like drumming that engages your body in such a robust manner is surely your way to ensure your child’s physical fitness amidst all the fast food and carbonated beverages fiasco.

Better Academic performance

This one is a little hard to digest. Still, it has been revealed that toddlers who have mastered drumming in their early years are sure to perform way better in schools if compared to the kids who do not play any musical instrument at all.

Drumming is an excellent way to teach your toddler something about numbers and counting them that, otherwise, takes up a lot of your time. Child also implicitly learns time management alongside drumming – something essential for a better academic and professional performance in the years to come.

Stress management

Even with their adults not knowing, young kids are likely to take a lot of stress on very trivial matters, and, if not taught to manage it properly, these children are expected to grow up as adults who are always anxious and stressed out.

Drumming is a great and easy way to teach your child how to deal with his or her tantrums and release all the stress via drumming. This might seem something trivial, but is undoubtedly going to prove very useful for the little one in the long run.

Better listening skills

Children who learn to work on a drum set develop better listening skills over time as compared to those who do not learn to create any music. Toddler drummers are likely to have their ears trained in a better way and pay attention to details.

They also slowly develop the skills to ignore background noise and differentiate between differently pitched sounds over time.

Development of Self-confidence

Not all the kids out there learn to work with a drum set, and this sets your toddler apart. Knowing that he or she knows something that not everyone from the same age group know is not only a source of pride for you but will also give some sense of gratification and individualism to your little one.

This develops the child’s self-confidence in the long run and makes him daring enough to try out new things without any fear of failure.

Differences between toddlers’ and adults’ drums

We often get asked if an old adult’s drum set would do well for a child who has just started learning drumming, and our answer always is in an out-loud, screamingly big NOOOO. Why? Because everything in a child’s drumming set is different from what an adult set needs or has.

You pro. Level drum sets would be heavy and will surely have a height twice or even thrice the height of your child. Your drums would never come in attractive colors. They will never have supportive functions that a kid needs, and this makes it essential to invest in a proper toddler drum set best for kids.

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