June 2, 2020

Best Metronome For Drummers

A metronome is a useful tool that produces slow beats and pulses for drummers to help them play accurate rhythms effortlessly. Considering the amount of help this little tool provides the aspiring and practicing musicians, it would not be wrong to claim it as one of the best musical instruments of the time. This is why it is vital to use the best metronome for drummers if you are looking to take your talent to the next level.

Best Metronomes For Drummers

To have more clarity on the idea of a metronome, you can understand it as something that helps drummers and other musicians in playing their beats with a maintained tempo as they practice. A metronome also helps musicians in learning complicated musical notes with ease.

In case you are not sure about which specific metronome to invest your money in, here are some of our top suggestions of the best metronome for drummers:

The Best Metronome For Drummers: Boss DB-90

The Boss DB-90 digital metronome is probably the most advanced form of a drummer’s metronome, perfect for professional level drumming that needs precise tempo. This device features four metronome sounds, one of which is a human voice and has a reference tone function that lets you tune by ear very quickly. The device comes with an in-built mic that detects drums and other rubber pads itself.

At the same time, headphone monitoring eases your attempts to master the tempo even easier. Above all of its best features, the ability of this metronome to sync to external rhythms is a need of many.

However, the two shortcomings of the Boss DB-90 we noticed are its volume control that goes out of hand whenever the headphone jack—also, this metronome’s look and finishes looks nothing like that of a digital and high-quality metronome.

This is a premium, enanched version of the Boss DB 30 without the squeaky and annoying sound. With all the excellent options it has to offer, the finesse factor can be ignored, and the in-built speaker system of this metronome can be compensated for its headphone jack issues considering the price is not too much.

The Cheapest Metronome: Korg Métronome MA-2

If you are one of the new drummers who are in search of a basic metronome for drumming, then this Korg metronome is the best option for you. This one not only comes with a very affordable price tag but also has a huge display for you to read with ease.

The timer and sound mode that this metronome comes with makes it an even better option for everyday drumming with enhanced tempo. With such a price tag, it is unusual for any metronome to cover all your rhythm training needs, but this one surprisingly does that well. This really is the Best Metronome for Drummers available for the money. Another great feature of this small device is its 40 hours battery life that won’t drain quickly even with continuous drumming with the device capable of auto-shutting.

However, one con of the Korg metronome that has been complained about by many is its extra high pitched volume that pierces the ears and has the capability to give headaches to those not used to such rash audio experiences.

Best Wearable Metronome For Drummers: Soundbrenner Pulse

If you are someone who hates the constant clicking sound during your drumming practices, then the soundbrenner pulse is undoubtedly the best option for you. This is one of the most advanced metronomes for drummers that are wearable and works with vibrations instead of those annoying clicks.

Since you can feel it on yourself by vibrations instead of getting distracted by those clicks, your drumming experience with this metronomes is likely to become better quickly as compared to when you use other manual metronomes for drummers.

Other cool features of this metronome include easy adjustability for rhythm and beats, multi-player synchronization for band coordination, ease of use provided via customization feature, and its wearable option that, above everything else, puts it in the list of top best metronomes for drummers.

Best Metronome For The Price: Boss DB-30

If you are looking for a metronome for drummers that is not only easy to use but are also a light on the pocket and can be taken along anywhere, then your search is about to end. The Boss DB 30, that is available in DB 60 and DB 90 as well, is your perfect drumming metronome with its portable body size and a sturdy body.

To add more fun to your drumming experience, the Boss DB comes with a play-along tempo feature that also enhances your rhythm watch skills.  This metronome has 24 beats variations to offer, including the most complex beats alongside different rhythm patterns.

The design of this metronome is such that even with its compact size intact, a bright LCD on this metronome reveals the exact tempo meter measurements. The device also has a tap tempo feature alongside a phone jack and auto-shut features.

The only drawback of this metronome, just like its DB 90 variation, is its loud sound that some can find too squeaky and annoying. However, the problem can be adjusted by keeping the device a little far away for yourself.

Most Accurate Metronome: Korg KDM-3

The Korg KDM-3 is one of those metronomes for drummers that combined a vintage sense with modern features. The device, even when it is not exactly a digital metronome, provides almost the same experience with its easy to use and efficient features.

This is one of the best metronomes that has a loud and clear tone without any annoyance in its pitch and comes with auto-tuned beat patterns and rhythms in a wide variety. A range of convenient features that this device comes with can quickly compensate for its only con, i.e., the slight hissing sound that it sometimes produces.

The Most Configurable: Tama RW200

If you are a professional drummer looking for a drumming metronome that allows you to set your own rhythms and work with your choice of tempo range, then the Tama RW200 is the best solution to all your needs.

Similar to the real rhythm watch, this metronome also comes with a wide range of volume and beat options for drummers to play live and during their practice jams too. This metronome’s newest model comes with more memory and storage space, so you can save the notes and beats that you know you will frequently be playing.

One thing that may induce many drummers with hesitation and dislike for this metronome device can be the lacking sense of aesthetics that is apparent in its design. The device has lower than average looks, and its LCD is in no way up to the mark.

Best Digital Metronome For Drummers: Seiko SQ200

Last but not the least on our list is the best digital metronome that has almost all the above-mentioned features and offers an easy to use interface like none other. The device has a 3-channel setting memory and can be taken along anywhere. We hardly noticed any cons except for the device’s water sensitivity that only takes a few droplets to ruin its functionality.

How Does A Metronome For Drummers Work?

The working of metronomes is quite complicated but can be easily understood by you if you have an idea about the job of a pendulum. A metronome comes with an adjustable weighing device at its one end, and there is a pendulum rod that controls the tempo on the other end alongside a hidden counterweight.

Users can use the weighting device to set the regular interval of a metronome in some specific number of beats per minute. Once set, the respective balance between the adjusted and the counterweight is what makes the pendulum move back and forth in a particular rhythm for the musician to work along with the desired beats per minute.

How To Use A Metronome For Drums?

Like a variety of other musicians, drummers can also use metronomes to their advantage. Since the mastery of timings is the most important thing for a drummer, a metronome is surely every drummer’s best rhythm coach. Using a metronome for drumming is neither a tough task nor a piece of cake.

The first and the most crucial step for any drummer, who aims to use a metronome, is to understand the basics of this device and use it to get warmed with it. Once the drummer is clear about how to hear a metronome click and how its timing works, now is the time to add it to your drumming routine.

Where there are a variety of metronomes in terms of working, we suggest using a digital metronome for ease of use and a better first-hand experience.  Here is a summary of steps that, if followed in order, can make any drummer an expert through practice and over time with a metronome:

  1. Learn how to count the time as this is the first step to using metronomes
  2. Manipulate the weighing device as per your choice and set the specific BPM that you think you are comfortable whit
  3. Start beating your drum with the clicks to make a rhythm

Most of the drummers initially find it very hard to keep up their beat per minute aligned with the metronome’s clicking and cannot play along easily. The best way to avoid this is to set the clicking time equal to half of what beat you naturally play.

This not only ensures better practice but also helps you in playing right since you are more focused on your natural drumming rhythm this way. Another advantage of using this secondary drumming metronome method is that you get less distracted and, over time, become an expert in metronome drumming.

Despite the initial hard work and annoyance that a novice drummer faces during metronome drumming, it is suggested to use as much of this device as you can for your drumming practices. Sooner or later, you will yourself notice such a level of maturity in your drumming technique that you will never want to leave any drummers metronome without trying it out.

Even with all these cool features and uses of this device, finding the right kind of drummer metronome to suit your experiences and particular style of drumming is the hardest step in your entire process of practice and learning. We hope our buying guide has helped you learn more about the best metronome for drummers and will help you become a better drummer!

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