July 10, 2020

Best Drumstick Tape

Grips and tapes aid to have better control of your drumsticks and prevent them from falling down, especially during live or sweaty conditions.

They also help in providing a looser grip, thus preventing drumming injuries on arms and hands.

Best Drumstick TapeLet’s understand what type of tapes can be used.

Have you tried using electric or duct tape for a better grip of drumsticks, and they couldn’t help?

Well, you are not alone. Many drummers use some type of flexible tape to wrap around their drumsticks.

Some drummers also use tennis racquet tape. While this is a better option than other tapes, its grip cannot be compared to stick gripping tape, which is specially curated for drummers and drumsticks.

Drumstick tapes offer you unparalleled comfort while drumming, helping you to deal with any problem, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and also providing an excellent grip.

But with an array of options available in the market, selecting one can be confusing.

This review will tell you everything about drumstick tape and a review of five best drumstick tapes.


Five Best Drumstick Tape Review

Here is the list of the five best drumstick tape

🏆 ProMark SRBLA 🏆

ProMark SRBLA Black Stick Rapp is one of the most popular and loved tapes in the musical industry.

As other tapes, it provides you with an excellent grip, but the tape itself is durable, which means you don’t have to change them often. You can be assured that once you put this tape, it will last for long.

ProMark SRBLA Black Stick Rapp comes in a quantity that is sufficient for two sticks. You can also reuse them again and again as its adhesive side is durable and thus can last for a few stick changes.

You get a wrapping tape, which wraps around your drumsticks, and also a thinner black tape to ensure that it stays in place.

In addition to the standard black color, this tape is also available in different patterns and colors.

However, you should know that the patterned tapes are different, as you can feel the pattern while drumming. So, if you think that you might not be comfortable with the pattern, it is better to stick to the original version.

Overall, it’s a high-quality tape that will last long.


  • Comfortable and of high quality
  • Available in 10 color and style options
  • Offers non-slip grip
  • Absorbs shock
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA

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🏆 Vic Firth 🏆

Want a really thin tape?

If yes, this Vic Firth tape can be an excellent option for you.

It is ultra-thin, and so if you had a problem with other tapes being too thick, then this tape will resolve your problem.

Vic Firth is one of the prominent makers of drumsticks, and thus it is not a surprise that it has its drumstick products, including stick tape.

Its quality is similar to one mentioned above and aids in keeping the stick in your hand no matter what happens.

Besides, the tape has a velvet finishing, which provides enough grip and even feels good to touch.

However, the tape comes only in one color option. The package involves the finishing and the wrapping tape to keep things in one place.

All in all, it is an elegant and high-quality product that will help your drumstick from flying off.


  • Ultra-thin
  • Durable
  • Extremely durable

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🏆 Vater VSTBK 🏆

Does the idea of a tape that can be used both on your drumstick and fingers amazing to you?

If yes, Vater VSTBK can be an excellent solution for you. This tape is different from the other two mentioned above as it can be used on the stick as well on fingers to cover blisters.

You can use it for blisters caused by any situation, such as playing the guitar.

Besides, it is not exactly a tape. As you may see, it comes in a mesh-like material, which is self-adhesive. However, it does not have adhesive material that sticks it on your stick.

So, to prevent this product from sliding from your stick, you can secure it with a tape.

Furthermore, as it is not actually a tape, it is extremely comfortable for your hands. It provides all the care that you need, especially with cracks, blisters, or any other medical condition with your hands.

Overall, it is an extremely comfortable tape that can be used on the stick as well on your fingers.


  • Can be used both on fingers and drumsticks
  • Mesh-like material
  • Vater tone

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🏆 Vater VGTBL 🏆

It is one of the finest tapes and produced by one of the popular drummer company and provides the best comfort and grip. It is durable and is adhesive enough to keep stick together.

In one package, four sets of tape that is sufficient for four pair of drumming sticks and finishing tape that keeps everything in one place.

Besides, you also can select from different colors that will help your stick to stand out while playing on the stage.

The tape is also reusable and thus can be used multiple times, transferring from one drumstick to another, until the adhesive part is ripped off.

By buying this stick, you can rest assured of the quality. It also gives soft and light finish on your stick, providing strength and amazing grip to your sticks.


  • Linen-based
  • Reusable
  • Each grip tape comes with two additional end tape for extra grip

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🏆 Promark 🏆

Need a white tape that enhances the visibility of your stick on the stage? If yes, this is the best option for you.

This tape is similar to the first option mentioned in this review, which is SRBLA Rapp tape.

Promark White Stick Tape is mainly used by marching band drummers as the white color offers bling and visibility while playing.

The tape is like a classic adhesive tape, which is supposed to be wrapped throughout the length of your drumstick and not just at the bottom part where you hold the stick.

The key selling point of this tape is the color as it offers the best visual performance while drumming.


  • White tape for excellent visibility
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA
  • Offers excellent grip

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Need to Tape Your Drumstick

As a drummer, you would like to maintain all your drumming instruments, including drumsticks.

So, how does a tape help here?

As we learned before, the prime reason for using tape is to provide a better grip. Besides, it also gives additional cushion, preventing the stick from breaking into several pieces.

A well-finished and smooth drumstick may look visually appealing but doesn’t give an excellent grip a pro drummer would wish.

Of note, tapes can increase durability. So, before buying drumsticks, make sure you get quality drumsticks so that you don’t have to replace them multiple times.

You can read our review of the best drumsticks here.

Besides, you can choose from a variety of tapes that suits you the best. Some prefer while colored tape for a cleaner look, while others prefer striped color.

How to Tape Your Drumstick

It is extremely easy to tape your drumstick. You just need to follow these simple steps, as mentioned below:

  • Hole your stick by its tip and start by applying the tape to the end of the stick.
  • Now, turn your stick to a 360-degree angle, wrapping the tape throughout the stick.
  • Use one hand to hold the stick and others to use the end of the tape. Now, slowly turn your stick so that the tape wraps around it.
  • Continue this till you reach the end.

Tapes may lose its stickiness after a while and thus needs to be replaced.

Of note, it is a great idea to practice with wrapped drumsticks before your gig, as they are heavier and may thus need some adjustments. It will also help you to get used to the weight of the tape.

Besides, for a thinner layer, leave more space between the overlap and for thicker, tape it closely.

Why do drummers tape their sticks?

The primary purpose of taping the stick is to improve the grip of the stick while drumming. Taping also enhances its durability.

How do you tape marching drumsticks?

The process is similar to other tips, as mentioned in the section “How to tape your drumstick.”

How long do drum sticks last?

Well, it depends on a variety of factors, such as the material of the stick, the intensity of your playing, positioning of the stick, and much more. On average, the wooden stick may last up to 30 – 50 hours of playing.

How do you make drumsticks last longer?

Taping your stick is an excellent way to make your drumstick last longer.

Final Thoughts

As a drummer, you would like all your instruments to last longer, including your drumming sticks. Taping is an excellent way to boost durability and prevent it from breaking while playing on the stage.

The tape also improves the grip and prevents it from slipping due to sweat or heat while playing.

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