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April 24, 2020

5 Best Drumming Shoes For Drummers (2021 Guide)

Drumming shoes are all the hype in the community based on the fashion and flair they add to people’s personalities.

Famous drummers also like to showcase those high-heels and heavy leather boots that make fans go “Wow! Those are the real deal.”

Best Drumming Shoes

If you are a drummer and want to get in style, good looking shoes are the way to go.

They not only add to the style but are also super comfortable to play during a concert or recording in a home studio.

However, the biggest question while buying drumming shoes is:

“What are the best shoes for drumming that suit me?”

If that’s you, don’t worry as we have researched for you.

We carefully looked at several products and compared them based on their comfort levels, sturdiness, and price tags.

We’ll also help you choose the one that fits your priorities as our buyer’s guide covers all the essentials.

Excited to find the best drumming shoes?

Best Shoes For Drumming

Now is the time to take a deep dive into the best drumming shoes that you should buy.

Since a single pair of shoes doesn’t work well for everyone, we present them in different categories, so it’s easier for you to make the right call.

#1 Best Drumming Shoe – Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top

Shoe Description

Converse All Star is one of the most famous drumming shoes. It is made of canvas both outside and inside.

It contains a thin rubber sole for a firm grip.

Using These Drumming Shoes

These pair are literally the “All Star” when it comes to usage. Besides being excellent for drummers, they are great for regular use too.

They are pretty stylish which can make you feel great when you go outdoors for a hangout with friends.

Converse Chuck Taylor Pros:

  • We loved the premium look and versatile use. The added comfort while drumming is second to none. Wear pair like this it’s a pleasure.
  • Converse makes sure to use only high-quality canvas which is excellent. Plus they are unisex which means anyone can wear them and add to their overall style.

Converse Chuck Taylor Cons:

  • Although the shoes are excellent yet some drummers complained about durability.

Virgil Donati Signature Shoes – Urbann Boards

Drumming Shoe Description

Urbann Boards is known for its excellent shoes for drummers. This pair was made originally on the request of Virgil Donati (an Australian Drummer).

They have a parachute interior for better comfort. The tip has a synthetic leather finish that gives it a more premium look.

Using These Drum Shoes

They can be used like any other shoe. The best part is the tight grip that lets you do the perfect pedal. The sole is flat and firm. It’s excellent for all those who like it all tight. Good choice for drummers.

Urbann Drumming Shoes Pros:

  • The pair is very strong and breathable. They are also pretty lightweight which adds to the ease of use. Awesome pick for drummers.
  • Neil Peart wear shoes like this.

Urbann Drumming Shoes Cons:

  • The shoes are a little expensive, so you have to keep an eye on your budget.

Best Budget Drumming Shoes: Coallw Drummer Evolution

Drum Shoe Description

They look more like your regular joggers. Coallw drumming shoes have a rubber sole lined by memory foam.

They have a durable fabric cover on the outside and weight around 500 grams.


This pair can be used for a wide variety of purposes including running, jogging, and drumming. They are also excellent for a regular walk to the park.

Coallw Drummer Evolution Pros:

  • We loved the versatility of this pair. They are also very lightweight adding to the charm and the best part: they are cheap.
  • The wearing is pretty good.

Coallw Drummer Evolution Cons:

  • The finish is not excellent, but for the price, they are worth a shot.

Best Drumming Shoes For Beginners: Vans Low-Top Sneakers

Shoe Description

Vans low top sneakers are made of canvas and have a really strong and comfortable rubber sole.

They are available in multiple colors and are excellent when it comes to having a good grip while playing your favorite note. They are also good to wearing.

Are They Good For Drumming?

Vans sneakers are excellent to press the pedal as well as walking. They are also a great fit for people who have to stand a lot at work.

Vans Low-Top Pros:

  • They work excellent for multiple occasions like going to the office or playing drums at a concert. The casual look and great level of comfort make them an excellent choice for drummers.
  • The wearing is good.

Vans Low-Top Cons:

  • The cushioning isn’t as excellent as the other shoes from Vans.

Best Drumming Shoes For Intermediates: PUMA Men’s Speed

Shoe Description

You might think of PUMA as the company dedicated to manufacturing just “studs for soccer” but here they are with an excellent pair of shoes that many drummers absolutely love.

The Speed Cat casual sneakers are made of nice and cozy suede. The sole is made of rubber making comfortable to wearing this.

This model is a re-launch to the original Speed Cat sneakers launched back in 1999.

Using Them For Drumming

PUMA speed cat are excellent for drummers. They are also great for casual use.

PUMA Speed Pros:

  • The build quality is excellent, and wearing the shoes is super comfortable making drumming and walking super exciting. You probably want to give it a try.

PUMA Speed Cons:

  • At the moment, these shoes are only available in one color (pink), so if you are not a fan of pink they might not be a good option.

What Drumming Shoes Does Neil Peart Wear?

Neil Peart has been an amazing drummer. He’s a true inspiration when it comes to drumming professionally.

You might be curious which shoes do the famous drummer, Neil Peart, is wearing?

Well the answer is: Urbann Boards!

Neil peart drum shoes

The company even offers his signature shoes. But does that mean those are the best option for you?

That’s for you to decide depending on your personal preferences. Playing drums requires confidence and comfort so you must find what makes you play your best. Some drummers actually play barefoot while others use indoor soccer shoes. The most important thing is to find the most comfortable option for you.

How Do You Choose The Best Shoes For Drumming?

Drum shoes are the ones that help you get a good grip on your pedals while providing maximum comfort.

They look like regular pair, often like sneakers with a more plush and robust sole, so there’s no discomfort while you play your bass or cymbals.

Many drummers argue on the point that playing bare feet or with just socks on gives the same results.

But the problem with this is that it can lead to long term joint or muscular problems. And you don’t want that.

So, it’s better to make the right choice instead of going for those expensive physiotherapies later on.

Drumming Shoes Buyers Guide

Now comes the buying part. It’s often challenging to get a pair of shoes that are comfortable, will protect your feet, and will help improve your drumming skill level.

But we believe that the process should be painless.

Life seems more comfortable with a step by step guide. Right?

We are presenting you the ultimate buyer’s guide that will help you get the perfect shoe for you. That are the best for you.

Here’s what you need to consider before hitting the “Add to cart” button:

Go for lightweight shoes


Weight is the chief factor that should dictate your selection of the best shoes for drumming.

While heavy shoes look more elegant and sturdy, you’d want to go with the ones that are light and easy to play with.

There are a lot of excellent options in the market so that should not be a big concern.

Lightweight pair, will not put that extra strain as you play the bass pedal.

You may still find drummers who play bare feet saying it makes it easier for them to play.

However, using the pedal without any protection can lead to painful toes. Again, you don’t want that.

Check the material

suede shoes

After you are sure that the pair are lightweight, check if the material is comfortable.

The material of the shoes can be the difference between healthy feet and blisters.

The shoes shouldn’t be hard but make sure they are not too soft either. This can affect your pedalling.

Generally, suede shoes do well, but they are hard to maintain so that you may go with ones made from canvas or flexible synthetic leather. Both do the job just fine.

See if the grip is good


If your pair are lightweight, are made of great material, but they do not give you an excellent grip, they still aren’t worth buying. Period. Classic sneakers may not have enough grip and can make it difficult to work the bass drum pedal or will require an adjustable lace design or rounded toe section to play efficiently.

That’s how important a good grip is.

Without a good grip on your shoe, you won’t be able to give your best performance. Many sneakers will have a rubber sole or thin sole which makes them comfortable soles but they don’t provide enough grip for playing your drum kit.

Now, there’s a concept of ‘Slippery’ vs ‘Friction Sole’.

Some drummers love the slippery one while others prefer ones that maintain constant friction on the pedal.

Pair with leather soles are often a good option if you are looking for that slippage. Leather soles or synthetic leather can provide excellent ankle mobility depending on the style of the shoe but most of them are manufactured with high quality materials so they will last for a long time.

This preference has some dependency on the fact that some techniques, like heel-toe and swivel techniques, can only be performed well with one and no the other.

Should I Wear Shoes When Playing Drums?

Many drum teachers will always recommend that you wear shoes whenever you are playing the drums. Many believe that shoes will provide you with more grip with your drum set but can also protect your feet from blisters or getting scratched or pinched by the metal. We always recommend that you do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Some professional drummers such as Nicko McBrain from the band Iron Maiden preferred to play barefoot as it gives him more freedom and control of his drums. It is important to figure out what makes you the most comfortable and gives you the most grip.

Do They Makes Shoes For Drummers?

There are no one standard pair of shoes that were designed specifically for all drummers. This can make it difficult for beginners to understand what shoes they should wear when they play the drums. Some drummers will pick flat soled shoes such as skateboarding shoes, others will pick comfortable running shoes, others will pick heavy duty leather shoes, whereas other drummers will even play barefoot. You must figure out what option is the most comfortable for your needs.

Final Thoughts On Drumming Shoes

Drumming is a lot more fun when you do it with the right gear.

Besides the drums and sticks, you also need to take care of your feet by getting some comfortable drumming shoes. It is important to wear shoes when playing the drums as it will make it more comfortable, protect your feet, and will give you better pedal grip.

They can make the pedaling a lot more comfortable without damaging your feet. Running shoes or skate shoes are common for those who play the drums because they are comfortable and will protect your feet.

Did you like any shoes on our list? Which of these did you want to try? Did this article help you find the best drumming shoes for your needs?

Have you tried any of these before? How was your experience?

Let us know in the comments.

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