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May 21, 2020

5 Best Drum Thrones of 2021 – Drum Throne Buying Guide

If you’re a drummer, you’ll be able to relate to this. You’ll be surprised to know most drummers don’t take into account that what you sit on is essential. They’ll reason that it’s not significant what you sit on and they’d rather spend money on other equipment.

Best Drum Throne

What drummers don’t take into account is that what they sit on should be comfy, especially when you practice drumming for long hours. When you’re comfortable, you play better.

Most drummers make the mistake of buying something cheap and of low quality to save money, but that ends up costing them in the long term. Later you end up regretting what you bought just to save a few bucks.

So, what do you do? You buy a better drum throne. There are hundreds of drum thrones, and you can’t decide which one to buy? Well, I’ve compiled a list of some of my the best drum thrones out there. Don’t break a sweat and see yourself:

#1 Best Drum Throne: Roc n Soc Nitro Drum Throne

most comfortable drum throne

This beauty is one of the better drum thrones out there.  It was manufactured by Roc-n-Sochas, who has produced some of the finest drum thrones we’ve seen. They’ve been doing this since 1987.

The Roc n Soc Nitro comes in two variations, and it’s a favorite used by many drummers. It has double-braced legs and offers swivel height adjustment.

The swivel height adjustment has a collar lock, which, according to several drummers out there, provides extra stability.

Key features

  • The height is fully adjustable from 18”-24”, no matter what your hight it’ll be perfect for you.
  • Its Ergonomic design prevents leg fatigue, and its firm base provides world-class stability while playing.
  • Its motorcycle-style seat cushion will provide you comfort during your long jamming sessions.
  • The seat spins, which means there will be little to no stress on your back because you won’t have to twist your body.
  • It has one of the finest qualities out there.  It is built using the best materials in the world. They can be repaired and upgraded with ease.

Final Verdict

For sure this is one of the best drum throne in the market right now. If you’re someone who plays for long hours and several times a week, these thrones are for you. It’s super comfortable, sturdy drumming chair for neverending drumming sessions.

Most Comfortable Drum Thrones: Pork Pie Drum Throne

most comfortable drum throne

Next up on the list is the Pork Pie.  The Pork Pie Tractor Style drum stool was designed mostly for people with heavier frames. Pork pie tractor drum thrones have a padded seat, which makes it extremely comfortable, and these drum thrones are also very durable.

Key Features

  • Soft, comfortable seat
  • Durable
  • Padded seat
  • Sharp looks

Final Verdict

If you’re someone with a big frame and you’re tired of buying drum thrones that aren’t sturdy, and you feel you can’t support your weight, I recommend you go for this. It’s durable, budget-friendly, and it has a nice sharp look.

Best Budget Drum Throne : Tama Drum Thrones

best drum throne for the money

Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne is a hybrid version of the saddle stool and the round style stool. It offers the best of both these drumming thrones. It is manufactured by Tama group, which manufactures drum kits and hardware. This drum stool comes in several variations, which we’ll be discussing below.

The Tama Thrones comes in several variations. The Tama 1stChair Ergo-Rider with Backrest is similar to the standard model, but it comes with a fully adjustable backrest. You can fold it, which makes it portable, and these backrest units can be attached to any Tama 1st Chair thrones.

Tama 1st Chair Round-Rider XL Drum Throne Hydraulix Cloth Top is another variation that comes with a round throne. It allows the drummers to play to their maximum potential.  Another variation is the Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne Glide Rider with Cloth Top and HYDRAULIX.

When Tama first designed their drum stools, their goal was to achieve maximum comfort. After that, they started aiming to improve the stability of these thrones. They’ve improved stability by lowering the center of gravity, which they accomplished by lowering the center’s throne pipe to the floor.

Now we will discuss key features of the standard version.

Key features

  • Provides ergonomic support and comfort
  • Since it’s a hybrid, it offers the maneuverability of the round stool and provides the support of the saddle stool
  • The front cut makes no room for hindrance during rapid double bass patterns

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind spending big bucks, then you may opt for the Tama thrones. Many people love the hybrid design because it gives them the best of both worlds.

Best Drum Throne For Bad Back: Gibraltar Thrones

bad back drum throne

If you’re a beginner level drummer and you don’t know where to start, I recommend you Gibraltar Thrones. They have several variations. The standard model Gibraltar 9608RW2T is a round and sturdy double-braced tripod base.

Some of its variations come with a backrest and a moto stool. The most notable model with the backrest is the Gibraltar 9608MB. Some say it is one of the best drum thrones in the market with a backrest in this price range.

Its motorcycle-styled stool strives to bring maximum comfort, and it has pretty thick padding. There is another variation with the motorcycle-styled thrones Gibraltar 9608MW2T. It’s a comfortable and sturdy product. The comfort you get sitting on motorcycle-style thrones is far greater than what you get from sitting on a round stool—an excellent fit for people with bigger frames.

The new 9608 series is miles ahead of its predecessors, especially the Gibraltar 6608. This is mainly because the 9608 has better build quality, performance, and price to value ratio.  In addition to this, the main reason why 9608 stands out is because of the fabric.

The seat fabric in the 9608 series is made up of nylon web woven top, which gives comfort, and the central vinyl patch prevents the drummer from slipping away.

Key Features

  • Nylon woven web seat for comfort
  • 2T textured hugger to hold drummer in place
  • 17” Oversized round stool
  • Additional comfort by thigh cutouts
  • Gibraltar’s exclusive super foot
  • Spindle adjustment with memory lock system
  • Double braced throne base for maximum stability

Final Verdict

Gibraltar stools are the only ones without a single bad review. If you’re a beginner who takes drumming seriously, I highly recommend you go for one of Gibraltar’s products.

Cheapest Drum Throne: EastRock Adjustable Height Throne

cheapest drum throne

Spectrum AIL DT heavy-duty drum thrones are one of the cheapest drumming thrones in the market. It has rubber feet, and height is adjustable. It doesn’t offer the same amount of comfort as the other high-end products, but it is comfy.

This isn’t the kind of product you buy if you intend to practice for long hours, this is for those who do not plan to play very often or those who might quit after some time.

Key features

  • Double-braced construction, built to last
  • Height is adjustable
  • Nonskid rubber feet
  • Tripod base
  • Can support weight up to 250 lbs

Final Verdict

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who intends to practice for long straining hours. These Spectrum AIL DT drum thrones aren’t for professionals but for children, who might stop playing after a year.

Best Drum Throne With Back Rest:  Gibraltar 9608MB

This might come as a surprise to several people. If you’re someone who has had back pain because of bad quality thrones, this is for you. The Ahead Spinal G(SPGR) mainly focuses on helping people with back pain.

When you use thrones of inadequate quality, it damages your muscles. You won’t notice any immediate effects, but it takes its toll over a long tenure. But the Ahead Spinal G aids in preventing and diminishing muscle exhaustion and damage.

It comes with other variations, one of the prominent ones being Ahead Drum Throne(SPGARTB)It was specifically made for those who require better support and comfort than Ergokinetic thrones. It aims to fight muscle fatigue and pain in the neck, shoulder, spine, and hips.

Key features

  • Provides a high level of support and comfort
  • Split seat
  • Four legs sturdy base
  • The seat connector plate is highly durable
  • Double locking, threaded height adjustment
  • Supports pelvis and tailbone better
  • Thick memory foam cushion


The base is heavy. This is one of the most comfortable thrones in the market. Even though it is soft, it provides massive support. Many people said they didn’t experience back pain as they used to on previous thrones. This is true as this is medically tested and scientifically proven that Ahead Spinal G (SPGR) provides better support to the back.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been a victim of severe back pains, then this product is just right for you. Especially for professionals who have been playing for several years and might’ve developed some back issues over the years.

What is a Drum Throne?

Drum throne is the base from which all of your movements are supported. A good drum throne makes it feasible to play for long hours. Not only that, but it also enhances your playing skills. Especially your footwork.

You’ve probably been wondering why it is called a drum throne. Isn’t the throne something that kings and queens sit on? Well, there isn’t much difference between a drummer and a king. They’re almost the same thing.

To be the king, you require unmatched concentration, composure, and you need to be always aware of your surroundings. These three things are also what you need to be a good drummer.

How Do I Choose A Drum Throne For My Needs?

When choosing a drum stool, choose something with a stable base. It should be able to support your weight and don’t ruin your drum rug. This might make your equipment a bit heavier, but it’s worth it considering you don’t want your chair to be unstable while playing.

Something else you should consider is if the stool’s height is adjustable. I prefer a spindle based throne.  Easy to adjust, and it isn’t bouncy like those hydraulic drum thrones. All that bouncing is terrible for your back.

The drum throne’s seats should be soft but not too soft. It should be firm and should support your back.

You also need to choose between a round seat or a motorcycle-style seat.  If you’re someone with a smaller frame and who only plays for four to five times a week for a few hours, I recommend the round seat.

Otherwise, you should opt for motorcycle-style seats because it is wider, and it cushions your back more, especially during long straining playing hours.

I advise against the use of backrest. This is because they usually are more expensive and no matter how you adjust your backrest, you won’t be able to touch it while playing.

How High Should The Drum Throne Be?

Many drummers would agree with me when I say that sitting properly not only improves your playing but also puts little to no stress on your lower back. If you don’t sit properly, you could end up having lower back pain, or your legs might become fatigued while playing. It is crucial to maintain the correct posture to relax your back.

It is a rule agreed upon by many drummers that you should sit in a manner that your hipbone is slightly positioned above the top of your knee. This won’t cause any hindrance to the natural movement of your legs.

Another way to adjust the height is to stand next to the stool and adjust it so that it is just above your kneecaps.

Now that you’ve gone over the basics of a drum throne, you’re ready to buy a drum throne.

Benefits of A Premium Drum Throne

Using the best drum thrones on the market has many benefits for your health but also for your drumming sound. Below are the 4 biggest benefits of using the best drum thrones that you can afford:

  1. More Comfortable – Higher quality drum thrones will provide you with a more comfortable seat when you are drumming for hours on end.
  2. Back Support – Sitting can be terrible for your back, which means drum thrones that have better support will be much better for the health of your back and neck.
  3. Less Squeaking – Cheap drum thrones typically will squeak and make a lot of noise which can throw off your concentration and be annoying.
  4. Stability – Better drumming seats will be more solid and have more stability which allows you for a better drumming experience.

What Type of Drum Throne Is Best?

There are many different types of drum thrones and each type has its pros and cons. There are thrones that have adjustable heights, thrones with back support, some with more comfort, and others with different leg designs. It is important that you think about what type of drum throne is best for you based on your personal needs. If you have a bad back or poor posture then it could be beneficial to use a throne with a back rest or a round seat in order to give you more comfort. We recommend trying a few different thrones out in order to pick your preference. Some are a saddle drum throne, others have rubber feet for additional support that make them a more comfortable and practical throne.

How Do I Choose A Drum Throne?

You must choose the best drum thrones for your needs. For some individuals the shape of the seat will make a huge difference. A round seat, saddle seat throne, or motorcycle seat style can be more comfortable based on your body shape. A heavy duty throne can also be important if you want a sturdy base when playing your drum kit for a long time. Back and leg fatigue is common for cheap drum thrones but the best drum thrones will provide a more comfortable sit. A quality throne will provide a more ergonomic seat with a memory foam seat.

Is A Drum Throne Necessary?

A drum throne is one of the most important purchases that you can make after you have your drum kit. You will be sitting in your drum throne for hours each day if you are dedicated to drumming. This means you need to find a seat that is comfortable and supports your back, knees, hips, and can improve your posture. You may think that you can use any seat to play the drums, but you will soon learn that it will be difficult to play in a normal kitchen chair and you will need the additional padding and thick cushion.

How Much Weight Can A Drum Throne Hold?

The overall weight that a drum throne can hold will depend on the brand and style that you purchase from. Cheaper drum thrones will typically hold a weight of 250lbs to 300lbs. But there are more heavy duty drum thrones that can hold over 300 pounds. It is important to look at the weight capacity of the seat when buying your first drumming throne.

Final Thoughts On Picking The Best Drum Throne For You:

We went over what a drum throne is, how to buy a drum throne, and how high should your drumming throne be. Then we suggested you some drum thrones. One drum stool doesn’t fit everyone, but there is always a drumming stool out there that is perfect for you, and in this article, we taught you exactly how to find the perfect one for you.

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner or you’re just doing this as a hobby, after reading this article, you will be able to decide which throne to buy.

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