Best Drum Practice Pad

Let’s face the fact, limiting practice to drum kits is not always feasible. Unlike guitar or other portable instruments, drums can’t be carried everywhere easily. Not to mention noise caused by those acoustic drums.
If you need to play drum in an apartment, drum practice pads can get you off the hook in such cases. It imitates the response and feels of a drum while being portable.

best drum practice padThey are also a good option for aspiring drummers who feel overwhelmed playing on the drums. Drum Practice Pad are also a great way to drumming without drums.

However, given multiple options available, finding the best drum practice pad can be a challenging task. We are listing factors to look for, followed by a review of five practice pads to make this selection process easier for you.
Here is a list of five best drum practice pads:

  • Best of the Best – Drumeo P4 Practice Pad
  • Second Best – RTOM Black Hole 10/12/14/16/22 Combo Pack
  • Second Best – RTOM Black Hole Practice Pad 24 in.
  • Second Best – ProLogix Percussion Blue Lightning Series Practice Pad 10 in
  • Cheapest – Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Speed and Workout Drum Pad Gray 6 in

Drum Practice Pads

They are made to have a surface similar to that of drums. With this piece in your arsenal, you can practice rudiments, such as paradiddles or rolls. Thus, all percussionists should have this drum practice pad in their drum set.

Moreover, while loud acoustic drums may hide some subtle flaws, practice pads can highlight slightest mistakes. The rubber surface of the pads will echo even the tiniest error to help you pick and correct it. This makes them an essential tool for all drummers.

The simplest form of a practice pad is a flat, sturdy, and snare-drum imitation with a rubber surface layer.

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What to Look For?

You may wonder why a simple tool has multiple options. However, as it is a practice pad, everything from surface, size, material to bounce should blend. This will support to enhance your performance on the real drums. So, it’s good to know features that make a practice pad best for drumming. Some of them are:


This may have a lot of bearing on when and how you are planning to use your practice pad. If you tend to carry them often, a smaller pad, such as Evan’s RealFeel 6 inch, would be a convenient choice. Having said this, it also depends on your convenience. Many drummers feel their strokes are restricted in 6-inch drum pads.

While, on the other hand, if you are planning to use it on the top of a drum, a bigger option, such as RTOM Black Hole 12 inch, would be an obvious choice.


Most of the practice pads for drummers are lighter and compact. However, if you opt for smaller and lighter pads, they might be unstable while playing as they tend to slip often.

Sound Versatility

An ideal drum practice pad has a friendly control interface to support drum sounds for different music genres. This is important as you can practice for various music styles, such as classic, pop, jazz, or rock.

Two-sided drum practice pads are also an excellent option to practice different stick techniques. In such practice pads, one side is bouncy, soft, and quieter, while the other hand is louder, more complicated, and more challenging to play.

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Best Drum Practice Pads

Now that we know what features to look for, let’s have a look at five best practice pads for drummers.

Drumeo P4 Practice Pad – Best of the Best

Drumeo is one of the biggest online drum education websites in the world. This practice pad is our top pick for various reasons. This is the most versatile practice pad on our list.

It has three skill level options and four playing surfaces. The best part is that all the surfaces are on one side, which supports movements as one would on a real drum. So, you can play cymbals, snare, and toms and get an idea of how and when to hit them.

Using this pad will help you enhance speed and control while boosting your creativity. It also allows you to practice different drumming and stick techniques.

Product Features

  • Four different playing surfaces
  • Three different height levels
  • 12-inch pad

Live Preview


  • Great noise reduction
  • Drumming movements for a realistic experience
  • Premium quality
  • Fits on almost all snare drum stand


  • It’s a bit expensive

RTOM Black Hole 10/12/14/16/22 Combo Pack – Second Best

RTOM’s Black Hole practicing pads are made-up of mesh that provides a feel of practicing on your favorite drum. The best part is that it brings down the volume of acoustic drums by 80%.

Another amazing feature is that you can snap them instantly without having to take off the drumheads. We are also in awe with single-point tuning. It is thus ideal for both professionals and weekend warriors.

So, snap it, tune to your favorite tension, and you are set!! It is that easy.

Product Features

  • No head removal required
  • Quickly snaps on
  • Comes in five sizes
  • Durable mesh material

Live Preview


  • Play your favorite drums at 20% volume
  • Installs directly over your drumhead
  • Quick snap
  • Durable mesh stand
  • Single-point tuning
  • Comes with 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, and 22″ mesh pad


  • It’s a tad pricey

RTOM Black Hole Practice Pad 24 in. – Second Best

This is the second RTOM Black Hole drum practice pad on our list. It is similar to the above practice pad, except for its size. It is also available in sizes 8”–26″. The sound is like your favorite drum, just quitter!


On toms and snares with wooden hoops or die-cast, you may require elastic hook attachment, which is sold separately. If you have a bigger drum, this is an ideal option for you.

The mesh fabric makes this practice pad durable.

Product Features

  • 80% reduction in volume
  • Easily snaps on the drum
  • Tunes to the required tension with a single-point system
  • Exactly sounds like your drum
  • Durable mesh fabric


  • Allows you to play your favorite drums at 20% volume
  • Single-point tuning
  • Durable
  • Quick snap
  • No need to remove the drum head to install this practice pad


  • It’s a bit expensive

ProLogix Percussion Blue Lightning Series Practice Pad 10 in – Second Best

This drum practice pad has a playing surface comparable to a floor tom. This surface is touted as an extreme workout formulated surface that provides a rebound to warm up your chops. A 360° countersunk Poly Tech Rim provides a great impact strength.

Moreover, the Baltic Birch pad base gives it a truly solid feel and great durability. You can place this practicing pad on the snare drum or your lap thanks to the non-slip disc at the bottom.

Product Features

  • 360° countersunk Poly Tech Rim
  • Workout formulated playing surface
  • A non-slip bottom ring
  • Baltic birch pad
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Compact design

Live Preview


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • 100% made in the USA


  • A single playing surface


Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Speed and Workout Drum Pad Gray 6 in – Cheapest

This drum pad is the best value for money. Evans RealFeel is an ideal option for you if this going to be your first drum pad. The six-inch size is also ideal for kids or those who have to carry their practice pad often.

We also love the fabric and finish that is resistant and durable to wear-and-tear.

As you may have guessed, this practice pad is double-sided. One side is made up of neoprene that aids muscle movements. Practicing on this material helps in getting tune to deeper drum heads that don’t give much rebound.

The other side is made up of rubber that gives a solid rebound. This helps to practice cymbal and snare strokes.

Product Features

  • Six-inch diameter
  • Quality fabric and finish
  • Two-sided practice pad
  • Rubber on one side for a rebound
  • Neoprene on other side for muscle movement

Live Preview


  • Two material on both sides for versatility
  • High quality
  • Best value for money
  • Ideal for beginners and kids


  • A slight punchy sound

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Tips on cleaning a Drum Practice Pad

You can clean your practice pad with a rag and glass cleaner. If the bottom has turned dirty or dusty, you can wash it with plain water and let it dry on its own. Even if the base is sticky, the stickiness will be preserved.

Alternatively, you wash it with dish soap and water. Regularly dusting will make it easier to keep it clean.

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Wrapping it up!

Drum pads help you practice your favourite strokes and master them without distractions and disturbing others.

Various drumming requirements need different features in your practicing pad. So, check for all the features you would like in your drum pad.