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June 19, 2020

7 Best Drum Modules in 2021 – Drum Brains and Trigger Modules

The drum module is a central part of any electronic drum set.

If, like many drummers, you have decided to get an electronic drum kit, this article will help you select an electronic drum module.

Best Drum Modules

With advancing technology, it’s time to bid farewell to heavy drums and voyage into the new world of drum sets.

The best electronic drum modules offer a fantastic sound that mimics real drums and even sounds that might be possible to play on them. They come with an in-built sound kit, and you can also import your sounds.

With numerous trigger inputs and high flexibility, electronic drum modules are excellent for live performances and really tie together your drum kit.

Many electronic come with different features, and selecting one can be a daunting task.

We will review five best drum modules to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s begin!

7 Best Drum Modules – Midi, Roland, and More:

Pearl Mimic Pro powered by Slate (MIMP24B)

best drum trigger module

When two leading companies come together, you cannot help but expect anything less than the most exquisite electronic drum module.

In our opinion, this is probably the best drum module on the market right now and it works great with multiple electronic drum trigger module inputs.

This electronic drum module is powered by Steven Slate, a software expert, and famous producer. So, now with Pearl Mimic Pro powered by the Slate drum module, you will get sound recorded in the most renowned studio along with Pearl’s quality.

It comes with 60 drum kits sound samples that mimic sound from a real acoustic snare.

Besides, the module includes a 7-inch touchscreen interface that offers simple navigation and is exceptionally transparent. The interface is thus, easy to use.

Furthermore, the software is fast and thus provides a fantastic user experience.

You also get SD/USB connectivity and a 120 GB SSD to store your preferred samples.

We also loved the unique advanced sensor technology that prevents false triggering. As the sensors are very responsive, you get extensive opportunities to adjust velocity.

With 16 ins and out, this module can work with the largest kits and multiple electronic drum trigger module inputs.

This electronic drum module also allows you to record a dry signal and monitor your playing. It also comes with MIDI connectivity and a 12V DC power supply.

Best Sounding Drum Module: Roland Electronic Drum Module TD-25

Are you looking for a minimalistic drum module? Then this Roland drum module is exactly what you’ll want! The Roland TD-25 can be an excellent option for you. This is the second best drum module on the market, according to us, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these drum electronic drum modules, especially any Roland drum modules.

It is a slick-looking module that is quite minimalistic. Besides, it is packed full of high quality drum sounds and features.

The Roland TD-25 comes with 36 kits on board, and you can customize it with many more. While many of the best electronic drum modules come with more kits, the depth of sampling is unparalleled.

The makers have painstakingly sampled each drum with dynamic ranges and from a variety of angels.

Besides, it’s a flexible module that works well with any responsive cymbal pads or drums.

As the drum module is quite intuitive, you can easily navigate through it. The LCD is clear and will compliment any lightning.

You will spot a control wheel at the center of the module. This wheel is surrounded by six kit types, rock, jazz, electro, standard, metal, and funk. So, you can easily select a kit to start with since you have all these sound samples!

At the front of the module, there are sound controls that offer equalization. You can also adjust the treble and bass of your mix with this module. It also allows you to control the backing music, in case you are using any.

You can connect the Roland TD-25 to your PC or Mac for use with a DAW. The connecting USB port is placed at the back of the module. It also offers you to track drums and export or import sounds using MIDI or audio. Overall this is the best Roland drum module, and an excellent choice overall!

Roland TD-17 Drum Sound Module

Roland Drum Trigger Module

This electronic drum module is one of the recent releases from Roland. The Roland TD-17 is curated on the same sound engine as the exclusive TD-50 module

You will see six buttons on the front of TD-17. These buttons allow you to access the menu and some of the most common features of this module.

It also comes with a large, user-friendly wheel that allows you to scroll through the options and drum trigger module inputs.

The big LCD clearly shows the selected function. It is thus easy to select sounds and kits with the Ronald T-17 module.

It also supports layering sounds, allowing you to multiply the arsenal of samples. To do so, select any drum and select the “sub” feature. This will enable you to layer one sound on the top of another.

You can import your samples, which can also be mixed or layered as per your preference.

The features don’t stop here.

You can even alter samples using editing features of the TD-17. Now, edit the end or start point and save it a customized slot. Both cymbals and drums can be muffled for customizing them. Decreasing or increasing the muffling on any drum is like adding tape to the head. This allows for increasing or reducing any overtones.

The muffling feature allows you to control the length of decay when applied to cymbals. The best part is that you can now control the cymbal size from as small as 1 inch to 40 inches. Besides, you can pitch any sample down or up.

Furthermore, the Ronald T-17 module comes with various effects, such as delays, phasers, reverbs, and more.

You can even adjust the environment of the kit with the ambiance settings. Also, the room size can be altered, which allows playing with a mic on individual drums.

The Bluetooth on the module allows you to connect it to your smartphone. So, by using Bluetooth, it is easy to stream your music. It is hassle-free and saves time as you don’t need any cables. There are multiple benefits of this connectivity, such as MIDI exporting and importing.

However, there are different TD-17 modules and not all support Bluetooth. For instance, TD-17L doesn’t have a Bluetooth function.

Lastly, the TD-17 module comes with 310 sample sounds, which equates to 50 user kits. You can use even 50 customized kits on this electronic drum module. The “warm-up” and “time check” features are also useful, especially for lovers of coach modes.

The “time check” feature monitors your playing and provides feedback on the timing. The “warm-up” function takes you through different patterns, which tests your coordination and skills. Some metronome dropout features are included to make internal timing stronger.

Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Trigger Module

electronic drum trigger module

Are you looking for an easy to use and affordable drum module? If yes, this device can be an excellent option for you.

Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Trigger Module is compact and an extremely intuitive device.

It has a simple design with a strong interface but only a few buttons, which offers multiple sounds. With this drum module, you get more than 100 professional sounds that can be used with acoustic drums as well.

Besides, the SD card slot also allows you to upload your favorite sounds too. The module also comes with MIDI conversion, and you can connect with any controller. TM-2 supports both drum pads and acoustic drum triggers.

You also get multiple onboard effects, such as flanger, reverb, drum trigger module and delay.

The module is also compatible with KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, V-Cymbals, and V-Pads.

The module can be powered with four AA batteries and even comes with an AC adapter.

The only major flipside is the lack of editing options. However, considering the price point, you cannot ask for more.

Alesis Nitro Drum Module

Alesis Nitro Drum Module comes with 385 generic percussion and drum sounds, which are equivalent to 40 ready to play modern and classic kits.

The module is filled with sounds and surprises. The makers even thought about beginners while designing this module. So, it comes with 60 built-in play-along tracks, metronome, sequencer, and performance recorder. All these features allow you to practice and improve your skills.

You can also tweak these tracks to suit your playing level. So, you can change the volume, tempo, and click track to adapt to your current needs.

The backlit LCD screen can be easily navigated. Besides, the cymbal and drum buttons are arranged to mimic the layout of a real drum kit. This makes it easy to assign sounds and customize kits quickly, as well as use multiple drum trigger module inputs at once which is exactly what you want for electronic drums.

The performance recorder and advanced sequencer allow you to enhance your drumming potential. Learn about the entire Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit.

Furthermore, the USB MIDI connection makes it easy to use the module with mobile devices and computers. The headphone jack allows you to practice without disturbing anyone.

Lastly, the stereo can be connected to a recording console, PA system, or amplifier. The stereo aux allows you to jam your favorite tracks on an MP3 player or CD.

Final Thoughts On Picking A Drum Module:

A drum module is an essential part of your electronic drumming kit. With so many options available, selecting one electronic drum module can be an overwhelming task. Before choosing one, look for features, such as quality of kits, ease of navigation, and sounds. We hope this article will help you get started.

Happy Drumming!!

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