May 31, 2020

Best Bass Drum Pedal

The sound of the mallet hitting the drum surface excites all the drummers. How can we ever forget that feeling when we put our foot down on the pedal, and that raging loud noise that electrifies crowds starts to echo around the room? The role of the bass pedal might be overlooked and underappreciated, but if you are a drummer, you know this is where the heart of your drums is.

Best Bass Drum Pedals

As you play your drums over time, you begin to feel that your bass pedal, although does the job for you, they are not the best you can get. Well, you can’t let your drum equipment slow you down from achieving your dreams and electrifying the crowds with your skills, can you? This why you need the best drum bass drum pedal in the town, so you are never slowed down by your equipment in creating the supreme music you are capable of.

There are so many bass drum pedals on the market, each with their qualities. Choosing the one that is more comfortable for you to be played from your drum throne is a little exhausting. But do not worry! Today we bring you the best and also the cheapest bass drum pedals that are perfect for you!

Also, to help you out more, we will guide you on how to adjust the tension on a bass pedal. Lets continue to our ultimate best bass drum pedal guide.

What Is The Best Bass Drum Pedal?

The very first question that you need to answer before choosing a bass drum pedal is, what purpose do you want it for? Do you want to use it in-studio practice and recording? Do you want one for live performances? Or one that fulfills both purposes?

Although the market is filled with bass drum pedals, finding the right one is a tiring process. To make it easier for you, we have listed down four bass pedal drums that drummers love!

DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Drum Pedal

The first drum bass pedal on our list is the ”DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal”. DW is a trusted drums manufacturing company that has been endorsed by famous musicians around the globe, such as Tommy Clufetos, Don Henley, and Chad Smith! With its ball-bearing at the base and Tri-Pivot toe clamp, it comes first on our list.

DW 5000 Key Features

  • Dual-Chain Turbo Sprocket
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
  • Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker
  • Non-Skid Rubber Pad

DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal Pros:

Almost everyone who owns this product has felt super-impressed by the quality that it adds. This is not a surprise as the company has a reputation for providing premium quality products. According to reviews, The pedal possesses the ability of silent motion, smoothness, and is highly responsive. Perks of this pedal is that the hoop clip has little rubber feet so that it doesn’t scratch the hoop of your kick drum! To top it all off, the design of the pedal is very attention to detail; for example, the lower spring has a well-engineered pivot point that minimizes the spring wear. It gives all the reason more to be on this list!

DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal Cons:

According to some owners, the pedal isn’t suitable for fast playing and restricts you to only 200 bpm

The Takeaway on This Bass Drum Pedal

If you want a pedal that guarantees you exceptional hits every time, this is it for you! And if you go even further, you can buy the DW 9000!

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Bass Drum Pedal

Tama being the source of heavy-metal music as has been used by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Tama has been a trusted brand since 1974! With its quick-hook spring and its Super Stabilizer designs, its next on our line of best bass drum pedal.

Tama Iron Cobra Key Features

  • Three piece Hinge Guard Block
  • LiteSprocket design
  • Double-chained Power Glide cam
  • Hardshell carrying case

Tama Iron Cobra Pros:

This bass pedal drum is the ultimate superstar on our list. According to reviews, the pedal is smooth, durable, fast in response, and most importantly, great value for money. The Super Stabilizer design incorporates a wider baseplate and frame for absolute stability. Moreover, the 3-piece Hinge Guard Block provides a more durable hinge point. This pedal is the smoothest one in my collection. I have played them throughout a 30-year drumming career. To me, this even beats DW as far as durability and useful features. A world-class pedal you can be sure to own for the rest of your drumming career as long as it takes you.

Tama Iron Cobra Cons:

No outstanding cons for this bass drum pedal.

The Takeaway

Well, it’s used by Lars Ulrich. Can you even doubt it?

Gibraltar 6711DD 6700 Series Direct Bass Drum Pedal

Gibraltar is a very young and vibrant international drum company. The company may not be as big as Tama, but it gives its quality a fight for the money. Gibraltar offers different kinds of drum pedals such as Cajon, double and single pedals, firming their position as one of the best of the best in the industry.

Key Features

  • Direct Drive Single Pedal
  • Direct CAM Drive for an exact smooth feel
  • Fast Touch G-Branded Pedal Board
  • 90-gram dual surface black and chrome beater
  • Rock Stabilizer plates

Gibraltar 6711DD Bass Drum Pedal Pros:

Gibraltar products never disappoint. It is claimed to be smooth, fast, and one of the easiest to adjust direct drive pedals on the market. Not only that, but it is also one of the cheapest direct drive pedals on the market, hence why it is the third product on our list. One of the reviews claimed, “I would choose this over GW 5000, and I have used both.” It’s your choice now, people!

Gibraltar 6711DD Bass Drum Pedal Cons:

Some users complained that the pedal sometimes sticks while playing.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for a cheap direct drive single pedal, then your searching days are over!

Yamaha FP-9500C Bass Drum Pedal

Our last pedal and first chain-drive foot pedal on the list is FP-9500C, and its no surprise it’s from Yamaha. Yamaha is a global corporation that is a specialist in producing different products such as sporting goods, furniture, etc. since 1897. hence you can guess that they know what they are doing with that experience. This product is very diverse and also comes with a direct drive version, but what makes it stand out and puts it on our list is the double chain drive and that 2-sided beater!

Yamaha FP-9500C Key Features

  • Smooth double chain drive action with side hoop clamp
  • Independent footboard and better angle adjustment
  • Includes semi-hard case
  • 2-way beater
  • 5-year warranty

Yamaha FP-9500C Pros:

The pedal deserves to be on the list with the raving reviews that it keeps getting. Many consider that it’s better than its predecessor, the Yamaha FP-8500B, as its lighter and portable. The pedal is deemed to be smooth, fast, responsive, and, most of all, uphold the value of Yamaha by being extremely durable. Furthermore, the product gives excellent value for money as its the cheapest one on the list. Been using it over a year now, and each time I clip it to the bass drum, It feels and plays the same. Well, Yamaha speaks for itself as it reeks with quality.

Yamaha FP-9500C Cons:

The pedal starts to squeak when hit on overtime.

Yamaha FP-9500C Takeaway

Cheap & efficient; this is the best product for people who are new to drums and don’t want to spend a lot.

Best Bass Drum Pedal Under 100

We haven’t covered everything yet. Now we bring you the best cheap bass drum pedals that you can get under 100. These pedals we suggest to the new and rookie drummers out there who are just warming up their passion and career. There are too many pedals that fall in this category of ”Cheap and Best” in the same sentence, but we today bring you only 3 of the top pedals that you can get under 100.

Pearl P930 Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl is a musical instrument company that has been manufacturing since 1946. They are an absolute giant in the industry of producing drums. Henceforth, they are the first to come on our list of ”best cheap bass drum pedals.” Pearl’s P930 is in the industry and here to compete with the best with its single-chain drive and interchangeable Cam Powershifter. This is the one to watch.

Key Features

  • Single Chain
  • Perfect Circle Cam with Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
  • Demon Style Power Shifter Function
  • Dual Surface Beater with Control Core
  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle

Pearl P930 Bass Drum Pedal Pros:

“Best” is a word that would fit this pedal. Its one of the best pedals I have came across, considering the price range. This bass drum pedal is infinitely adjustable, durable, and affordable. I would also say that with this drum pedal I can now effortlessly shred through 32nd notes. Truly a game-changer.

Pearl P930 Bass Drum Pedal Cons:

The rim lockdown doesn’t lock properly, and the longboard is not good for heel-down players.

Pearl P930 Takeaway

Its value for money and great for all players, whether you are a beginner or professional.

Tama Iron Cobra 200 Drum Pedal

Tama introduced the Iron Cobra series in 1992. Since then, this series includes a line of top-notch products such as pedals, double pedals, and hi-hat stands. Tama Iron Cobra 200 is the single pedal power glide that has an offset cam for increased power and speed!

Key Features

  • Power Glide Cam
  • Beater angle adjustment
  • Spring tension adjustment

Tama Iron Cobra 200 Pros:

”Value for money.” This is how I would sum it up. The 200 is hands down easier to play, quicker response, zero lag, just as sturdy as other models that are up to 3 times more expensive. Also from the reviews it seems people just love the Cobra 200, and I don’t doubt them. Not only that, but it also has great hitting power, unlike other cheap options.

Tama Iron Cobra 200 Cons:

It becomes squeaky over time, which is a common complaint with cheap bass drum pedals.

The Takeaway

Tama is an incredible company, and even with their low priced products, they still sweep you off your feet.

DWCP2000 Bass Drum Pedal

DW has yet again managed to feature on our lists. Nothing less can be expected from DW if not the best. It is one of the best drum companies around the globe. Unlike the DW5000, we bring you a much cheaper version in the face of DWCP2000 who is well and capable of providing you with competitive quality.

DWCP2000 Key Features

  • Single chain turbo cam
  • Bearing spring rocker assembly
  • Dual adjustable toe clamp

DWCP2000 Bass Drum Pedal Pros:

Silent and Smooth.” The pedal is highly reliable as its very responsive. The pedal has a key included to tighten up the clamp, which is a plus point. Functions fantastically and has an easily adjustable range of sensitivity. Which it maintains very well, smooth chain, quick response.

DWCP2000 Bass Drum Pedal Cons:

It has a plastic mallet unlike other pedals, which can make it slightly wobbly.

The Takeaway

If ”Bargain” had a name, it would be DWCP2000.

What Is The Fastest Bass Drum Pedal?

Each bass drum pedal has qualities that make it special. When it comes to bass drum pedals, the speed with which they allow you to strike on them without compromising on the quality of the sound is an essential feature.

After reading about bass drum pedals for hours on end, we have concluded that the Tama Iron Cobra 900 is the fastest bass drum pedal. Just like a cobra snake’s best feature is its speed, its namesake Tama Iron Cobra 900 offers its owners the same privileges. Efficiency, speed, and sturdiness are words that are usually used to describe this product. It’s pretty affordable and it’s the best you can ask for in terms of speed!

What Is The Best Bass Drum Pedal For A Double Bass Drum Kit?

There isn’t a correct answer to this question. The best drum pedal for each drummer is different and varies according to o the playing abilities and personal preference. It is necessary to find a pedal that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

With that being said, there are multiple double bass pedals on the market. Still, certain ones catch your eye because of the quality that they offer and their low expense. After thorough research and in-depth analysis, we have concluded that the best double bass drum pedal for the money, in our opinion, would be TAMA Iron Cobra 200 double pedal. The product has a delighted customer base and that too at a staggeringly low price. Reviews say that this is what is called a ”Bang for a buck.” It’s cheaper than most of the double bass drum pedal on the market. It has the capacity for several adjustments, such as tension, distance, and angle.

What Is A Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal? 

Before buying a pedal, it is essential to know what you’re looking for as every single one of them comes with its specifications. Now the question that might come in your mind is, “what is direct drive pedal? how is it any different from other pedals?”

Well, direct drive bass drum pedals are very different from other drum pedals. They don’t have cams. Instead, they are made from a solid linkage of metal between the footboard and the housing that supports the beater shaft. They are incredibly professional but expensive. They are quick as flash and give the most response time, including all this. They don’t require a lot of force. However, the pedals are too responsive, so it may take time to get used to them. These are perfect for drummers who like blast beats and fast double kicks.

How Do You Adjust The Tension On A Bass Drum Pedal?

Three features are to be adjusted in any bass drum pedal:

  1. Height
  2. Angle, and
  3. Tension

Now, what is the spring tension of the pedal? And why is it necessary to adjust it?

Well, the spring tension determines the speed at which the beater would return to its original position after being hit on. The higher the tension, the faster the pedal will come to its original position. At the end of the day, the tension and tuning of the pedal is a personal preference for every player.

You can either increase or decrease the tension.

  • To increase the tension in your pedal, loosen the upper tension adjustment nut that is on the sides of your bass drum pedal. Once that is done, tighten the lower tension adjustment nut to secure it in place.
  • On the contrary, if you want to decrease the tension, just do the opposite. Loosen the lower tension nut while securing it in place by tightening the upper nut.

Here an in-depth video:

Now that you know everything you needed to know before investing in a bass drum pedal, from the best pedals on the market to how to adjust tension in a pedal, we hope you’ve come to a sound decision!

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