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April 25, 2020

Best Speakers for Electronic Drums in 2021! – Amplifiers

Owning an electronic drum set is a beautiful feeling. You can play it anytime you want, and try out some cool stuff you’ve just learned. But it’s a lot more fun if you have the best amp for your electronic drums. Amps can be used in a lot of ways – you can use it for practicing at home, or you can even use it for small gigs.

Best Amp for Electronic Drums

If you’ve been into electronic drums for at least a couple of months, you probably know that a good amp can transform your sound. A lot of people, especially beginners, think that it’s better to use a headphone or In ear monitor for drummer for their practice sessions. But headphones don’t provide a good enough sound as they cannot handle very low and high frequencies.

Let’s say you want to practice discreetly; in this case, you won’t necessarily need an amp. But there will be a big difference in the sounds. The sound that is filtered and produced through the amp is much crisp and clearer. This will help you identify the tiny little mistakes that you make, and it will help you improve your skills. Also, you will need a good drum amp if you want to jam with others or perform a gig.

This brings us to the question, how do I pick the best amp for my electronic drums? We understand that it’s not very simple to choose one when there are multitudes of options. There are hundreds of brands and models. And just so you know, the market is flooded with fake products, which makes the task of choosing an electronic drum amp even harder.

To make it easier for you, we tested some amps and have listed the best ones available on the market. We will also provide you with the best answers which you may have regarding the drum amps.

But let us first check out the amps, which made it to our top 5.

1. Roland Drum Monitor (PM-100)

Best speakers for electronic drums

This amp is one of the most popular drum amps loved by professionals. To start with, the brand has a good reputation, and it’s known for manufacturing high-quality drum amps, which never compromises the sound quality. So, you can be assured that you’re investing in a solidly engineered drum amp, which you’ll love using. Let’s find out what the Roland Drum Monitor can do.

Roland PM 100 is an 80-watt drum monitor. The wattage rating is the indication of the volume or power that the speaker is capable of producing. This means it’s not so big, and not too heavy, making it portable and perfect for home use and smaller gigs. In terms of wattage, the rating might not sound much, but 80 watts is a lot of power. And this amp has a 10-inch speaker that can go loud if you want to.

With a built-in integrated mixer, you can monitor even the backing music. There is also an input for the V-Drums, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch inputs, which allows you to connect music players, electronic percussion pads, or smartphones. What makes it even more exciting is that these line input sections have independent volume controls.

The cabinet is specially designed to reproduce high-quality V-drum sounds, so you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to sound quality.

Note: This drum amp works best with Roland Drums, although it is compatible with other electronic drum sets. Also, this model is often compared to KAT percussion KA1 because of their similarities in terms of performance and specs.

How Does This Drum Amplifier Sound?


  • It comes with two line inputs with separate volume control
  • Handles both low and high pitched sounds well, resulting in professional-like sound.
  • The angled front face offers excellent sound monitoring for the seated players
  • Full-width carry handle on top makes it convenient to carry


  • It’s pretty heavy, but it’s also an indication of an excellent and heavy-duty amplifier, so this compensates its massive weight.

Best Amp for Electronic Drums – Powerwerks PA system (PW50)

Best Electronic Drum Amp

The Powerwerks PW50 might not be the most powerful portable electronic drum amp. But it certainly is a total package that has a lot of cool features, making it one of the best amps.

Despite its humble 50 watts of power, which is pretty weak when compared to others, it works well in a lot of different environments. Well, its power rating may be low, but it’s two 4.5 inch speakers, and a horn backed by high-frequency driver delivers a perfect combination of mid-range sounds and high pitched sounds.

In simple terms, this reduces the unwanted frequencies and generates a powerful and excellent sound. Also, the PW50 can be linked with other units and played together. You will have no problem using this amp in larger venues.

This small portable amp comes with a 3-channel personal PA system or mixer, and 1/8 mini input music channel. You can also use this input to connect your headphones if you want to practice without disturbing others.


  • It a highly versatile and portable amp which weighs only 14 pounds
  • It has a steel grill front that protects the speakers, and the corners or edges have a plastic covering which prevents shocks and damages
  • Crisp and clear sound free from any unwanted noise
  • It has a budget-friendly price tag
  • It can be connected to multiple units and played or used as one


  • Not as powerful as other speakers
  • It does not handle very low frequencies too well

Best on a Budget – Donner DKA Amplifier

Electronic drum amplifier

If you’re on a budget, and you’re looking for a high-quality electronic drum amp, the Donner DKA 20-20 is your best bet. Although this model is designed to work best with keyboards, it is a very versatile amp that performs well with drums and guitars as well.

Powered by a 20-watt amplifier, the DKA 20-20 is powerful enough to allow you to jam along with the tracks you love. 20 watt is not that powerful when it comes to amps, and it may not be as loud to drop the things off your table. But it sure has a couple of features that will impress you.

It comes with a separate treble, mid, and bass controls, which allows the users to find the best sound suited for different environments. This also means that the amp is capable of producing a perfect sound by balancing the low, mid, and high pitched sounds. Along with the high-performance amplifier and the sound frequency controls, this device has a specially designed 8-inch speaker that handles all the lower frequencies, while the 2-inch speaker is designed for the high frequencies.

There are two ¼ inch inputs with separate volume control, and there’s also 1/8 inch channel for plugging in headphones. You can even use the microphone if you want to. As you can see, the Donner DKA is not just a good keyboard amplifier, but it’s a multipurpose amp.


  • li>It offers a consistently soft and clear sound.
  • It comes with a lot of controls, which provides the users with the freedom to fine-tune the sound.
  • It’s small, compact, and lightweight. This makes it very portable.
  • Very affordable price


li>It’s not the best option for those who want to jam with others using powerful amps.

Alesis Strike amp 12

electronic drum speakers

This one is the most powerful amp on our list. And it’s also one of the most popular portable amps in the market. Equipped with 2000 watts bi-amplifiers, 12-inch woofer, and a super durable high quality, high-performance transducers, the Alesis Strike amp 12 can wake your entire neighbourhood if you want to.

This amp is a winner when it comes to power, but what about the sound quality? Well, it’s not just 2000 watts powered amp with a huge woofer. This model is designed for professionals and rightfully so. Many people are already obsessed with their unique sound and overall performance.

You can create your very own signature sound with it simply by using the built-in contour EQ control. To eliminate any unwanted noise, the manufacturers have added a ground-lift switch, which works like a charm. Whether you play your instrument soft or loud, you can be sure that you always hear the sound which you like.

Hooking up this amp with other devices is also incredibly comfortable. It has two ¼ inch combo inputs with separate volume control. Also, this amp can be pole-mounted or placed in a tilted position, via its tilt-back cabinet design, like the stage monitors.

Usually, amps with this kind of power are heavy, and it requires at least two persons to carry it around. But surprisingly, this amp is pretty light as compared to other models. It weighs only 34 pounds, and you can single-handedly lift it up with a carry handle that is located on the side of the amp.

How Does It Sound?:


  • It’s a high-performance amp that can be used for gigs or practice
  • Despite the large size and power, it’s lightweight, and it can be moved or transported easily from place to place
  • You can create your own time
  • It is easy to set up


  • It’s a bit pricey

Ddrum DDA50

amps for electronic drums

The last one on our list is a drum with a model name DDA50, not to be confused with Simmons DA50. These two models share a similar model name, and even their specs are almost the same. They both have a 10-inch woofer and a 2.5-inch tweeter.

As the brand name suggests, the Ddrum DDA50 is designed for the passionate electronic drummers. Ddrum is believed to be the pioneer of electronic percussion, and they have been in this business for many decades. You can expect their products to have an outstanding performance and durability. And sure enough, this amp has all it takes to wow you with its performance.

This small amp is a perfect system for performing small gigs and home practice. It boasts 50 watts power, and a whole lot of controls, including bass, frequency, and tones are available. In short, you get to have enough power to play in any small venue or environment. And you also get to change your sound by adjusting some of the main aspects of music using the controls.

Its 10-inch heavy-duty woofer can generate loud, low-frequency sounds. This combines with the tweeter to produce a wide range of different sounds, making it an ideal amp for electronic drums.

This amplifier also comes with a headphone jack, which gives you the option to practice silently or discreetly without disturbing your neighbours. You can also plug your music player in and test your skills.

It weighs only 15 pounds. This makes it very portable. Whether you want to practice with your friends outside your home, or you want to perform a small gig, you can always depend on your trusted DDA50 for a crystal clear sound.


  • Easy to transport
  • Excellent amp for practice and for playing in small venues
  • Easy to use, the control knobs can be easily adjusted
  • A metal grille protects the front of the speaker
  • Made with high-quality components


  • It’s not the best pick if you’re shopping on a budget

Can you use any amp for electronic drums?

No, not all amps can be used for electronic drums and here’s why. You may already know that instruments like drums or keyboards have a vast range of frequencies. To be able to play the electronic drum using the amp, you need to make sure that the amplifier can handle a broad range of sounds, including low, mid, and high frequencies.

Can You Use A Guitar Amp With An Electronic Guitar?

Let’s take an example of a guitar amp; you can use it for electronic drums. But it is also a sure-fire way to blow it up. This is because guitar amps are designed to handle mid and high frequencies, and it’s not rated for low pitched sounds that are produced by the drums. There are some guitar amps, which may work pretty okay, but it won’t last for long. And just so you know, guitar amps are not so cheap, and you don’t want it to end up like that.

So, if you have a guitar amp, and you want to play the electronic drums using it, it’s advised that you turn down the volume as low as possible to avoid blowing up your amp. But it’s best to avoid using a guitar amp for the drums.

On the other hand, let’s also take an example of a bass amp. These amplifiers can easily handle the lowest sound frequency, which your drum produces. There is no way you can blow it up by playing the drum. But again, bass amps are not capable of handling a broad range of frequency. Of course, you may get an excellent satisfying sound when you hit the bass or kick drum and the floor. But you may be disappointed when you hit those cymbals.

For the best results, it is best to buy an amp that is designed for electronic drums. Such amps will give you better sound, and you’ll also get to practice in peace without worrying about damaging your amp. If you can’t find a good amp for the drums, the second-best option is to choose a keyboard amp.

As mentioned earlier, both drums and keyboards produce a wide range of sounds. This is why the amps that are designed for the drums and keyboards are made to handle low, mid, and high pitched sounds. In short, you can use a drum amp for the keyboard, and vice versa.

How do you hook up an amp to electric drums?

There is no universal way of hooking up an amp to an electronic drum as different brands have a different way of setting up a connection. So, the way an amp is hooked up to a drum may slightly differ from one another. It also depends on the drum you’re using and the amp you have. But most drums can be connected to the amp using the cables.

Here is how you can do it.

Just make sure that your equipment is set up correctly and is ready to roll.

Note: Avoid plugging anything to a power source until you’re sure that all the cables are plugged in.

Locate the module on your drum. The module is also known as the drum’s ‘brain.’ Once you’ve located the module, look for the output. It should be labelled headphones/output. Sometimes you’ll find the headphones symbol instead of the word output or headphones. Most drums use ¼ inch cables. Even if it’s not, you should be able to figure out what type of cable is needed for your drum kit.

Now connect your amp to the module of your drum using the cables. If you’re using a passive speaker, you will have to connect the speaker’s input and the amp’s output with another cable.

After you’re done with the connection, ensure that the amplifier’s volume is set to zero. This will ensure that you won’t be greeted with a loud noise.

Supply the power to your system, turn up the volume slowly, and test the sound. Also, here you can watch a video that explain all the process.

Can you use brushes on electronic drums?

The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ In case you’re wondering, this is because most electronic drums don’t have a brush set that allows the users to play using a brush (Drum brush or a paintbrush).

Although the drum may not have a brush set, some drums respond to the brushes pretty well. Electronic drums that have mesh heads or pads can be tuned for playing with brushes. To do this, you’ll have to increase the sensitivity of the drum to the maximum. This will enable the amp to detect the brush’s soft strike and adjust the sound that is similar to brush drumming. However, the result might not be satisfying.

On the other hand, some models come with a button that allows the drummers to switch between the hit sound and the swish sound. If your drum has that button, you can make use of the octapad and try playing with the brushes.

But again, unless your drum kit has a brush set, you may not get the sound you want to hear.

What do you need for an electronic drum set?

If you’ve just decided to transition from traditional or acoustic drums to electronic drumming, here are some things that make up an electronic drum. You’ll need to look for a sturdy rack; racks are where the pads are mounted. You’ll also be needing cymbals, at least three, ride, crash, and hi-hat, drums, hi-hat controller pedal, a bass drum, amplifier or headphone, and some drumsticks.

1. Drum Modules.

These are called the brain of the drums. It performs a lot of functions, including changing the sound of the drums, enables a connection with other devices, including smartphones, etc.

2. Rubber or mesh drum pads.

Most entry-level electronic drums come with a rubber pad. However, you can also find some entry-level drums that come with mesh pads. Drums that have a lower price tag are made up of rubber drum pads.

However, if you want a better experience, it’s best to opt for the models that have mesh drum pads.

Final Thoughts on Speakers For Electronic Drums:

Finding an amp to electronic drums is not so simple. This is why we created this post to help you ease your task. Our list of the best amp for electronic drums is quite versatile and covers a good base. So irrespective of your needs, you should find the right amp.

Please leave a comment so that we will know that our efforts did not go wasted.

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