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May 28, 2020

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Review – A Proper 8 Piece Kit?


  • Great sound quality
  • Comes at a high price point
  • The feel is similar to that of an acoustic kit
  • Can be played right out of the box
  • Kick pedal included
  • Choke cymbals


  • Hi-hats sounds bad, even after you tweak it
  • Lack of dynamics

Alesis Surge Mesh is an electronic drumming kit that is ideal for beginners and intermediate drummers.

The mesh head is a unique feature, which is absent in the majority of the entry-level electronic kit.

It also claims to be the cheapest mesh-headed electronic set.

But is it ideal for you? Or Should you buy it?

As an electronic set has various parts, getting overwhelmed while choosing one is understandable.

We are going to review the Alesis Surge Mesh kit to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s begin.

About Alesis

Alesis is the company behind the Alesis Surge Mesh kit. It is one of the most popular companies known for their musical instruments. The company was established in 1980, and to date, they have maintained their excellent reputation in making musical equipment, such as studio monitors, synthesizers, and music equipment. To learn more about Alesis, read our Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit review.

However, Alesis is most famous for its electronic drum kits, which are suitable for both experts and beginners alike.

What’s Included WIth The Alesis Surge Mesh

Alesis drum kit includes:

  • 8-inch dual-zone toms (3)
  • 10-inch dual-zone snare
  • 10-inch cymbals (3)
  • Aux input
  • Four-piece chrome rack.
  • Surge drum module: 60 play-along songs, 40 kits, and 385 sounds
  • A pair of drumsticks
  • A power source
  • One drum key
  • Chrome rack
  • Kick drum

Features of the Surge Mesh:

As we have mentioned before, Alesis Surge is an entry-level drumming kit. Its Mesh heads are a unique feature that sets the drumming kit apart from other sets in this range.

The mesh heads are tunable. So, you can set up the pitch, sensitivity, and rebound, allowing customization.

The hardware is of pretty good quality. The four-stack structure is easy to set up and is light. However, it is strong enough to prevent movement of the pads.

It is valid for pedals as well. They are huge and stay in place even when they are hit harder.


The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is typical drumming set with universal dimensions. The rack makes it pretty adjustable. So, it is comfortable for almost everyone unless you are tall.

The pads can be adjusted in any position, but the rack may feel low as it cannot go too high.

Overall, this kit can be used with ease by anyone if they are above seven years of age.


The Alesis Surge mesh kit comes with three cymbals, each measuring 10 inches in diameter. Frankly, they are a tad smaller than cymbals available in other kits.

Cymbals have a single trigger and can be played only on the head. You may not be able to get a ride bell or crash sound.

However, the crash and ride are chokeable, which makes this kit unique.

Drum pads

The Alesis Mesh Kit – an 8-piece kit – consists of three cymbal pads and five mesh drum pads. The three toms are 8 inches while the snare is of 10 inches

We love the fact that all the drums have a dual trigger. It means that you can play with the head and the rim. Not to forget the fact that this feature is rarely found in the entry-level drum kits.

The electronic drum kit also includes a kick pad. Although it is small – of 8 inches – it has an exceptional level of sturdiness.

You will also be seemingly surprised to see a bass drum pedal in an Alesis drum set.

Besides, mesh head is one more amazing feature of this kit. Although mesh may not give the exact feeling of playing with a real, acoustic drum, the difference is slight. As compared to rubber e-kits, mesh kits are much closer to the real drums.

Mesh heads also have an added advantage of being able to tune them like acoustic drum heads. The Alesis Surge Mesh drum Kit has lugs around the rims of toms and the snare, which allows them to be tightened according to your preference.

Despite the mesh heads, the electronic drum set comes at an affordable price range.

Sound Module

The kit comes with a Surge sound module – the brain of the electronic drum kit. This module includes a 6-centimeter LCD screen and a page navigating system that makes it easier to navigate it.

It allows you to move across the voice, kit, song, and training menus swiftly.

Furthermore, there are rubber buttons at the bottom that correspond to various parts of the drumming set. The buttons have a smooth and straightforward configuration. These buttons light upon striking each pad. So, you can easily tweak your settings and switch between instruments.

The Alesis drum module includes 40 kits: 16 user kits and 24 presets. It also has 385 unique sounds, such as percussion and electronic sounds. In addition, you will also get 60 inbuilt play-along songs that may help you to practice

Besides, the module comes with several inputs and jacks, such as USB and MIDI in/out connections. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Sound and Ease of Use

We would like to reiterate the fact that this electronic drum set is simple to use. The hardware can be set up quickly, and the module navigates with ease and is relatively straightforward.

Overall, it may not take you more than 10 minutes to arrange it for playing.

Getting a comfortable grip is easy because of the straightforward layout. The flipside is that the sounds are numbered instead of naming them. So, initially, it can be tricky while using them until you memorize them.

It is also worth noting that the kit selection changes automatically while you scroll through the tracklist. So, you will have to go to the menu and change the setting manually if you wish to keep the same kit.

Let’s talk about the sound of the Alesis Surge Mesh drum now.

Before Alesis introduced drums into the market, the electronic drum kit used to cost above 1000$.

So, what does Alesis Surge do in addition to cutting the cost to half? Well, it reduces noise while you are playing.

To understand how loud it is, hit your drum stick on a sturdy cushion. It is precisely how quiet the Alesis kit sounds.

To compare its sound to a rubber drum set hit a drum stick on one of the pages of your notebook. You may then notice how loud the rubber kits are. The reason is simple; rubber is harder while the mesh is softer.

The overall impression of the sound is good enough. The mesh material of the pad complements every sound note. Not to forget the fact that this is an entry-level kit but you can also exapnd the sounds library of this drum kit importing VST sounds.

So, it is not fair to expect the sound you may get from expensive professional electronic drums.

The dual-zone pads are great to use, especially for extra effects and sounds. However, there may be concerns related to dynamics. Although intermediate drummers or beginners may not notice it, experienced drummers will find it.

Hi-hat may also make unwanted noise.


  • Great sound quality
  • Comes at a high price point
  • The feel is similar to that of an acoustic kit
  • Can be played right out of the box
  • Kick pedal included
  • Choke cymbals


  • Hi-hats sounds bad, even after you tweak it
  • Lack of dynamics

Is the Alesis Surge Kit Compatible With a Double Bass Pedal?

Yes, you will be able to fit any double bass pedal to this kit. However, you may have to buy it separately as with any other electronic drum sets.

Will I Be Able To Customize The Sound of Each Cymbal?

Yes, you can do that. The buttons on the bottom of the kit are arranged like the individual kit pads. You can press any of them to bring their setting on display. This setting allows you to select from a variety of different cymbal sounds.

Which Devices Can I Run the Kits’ Sound Through?

It depends if you want others to hear what you are playing or not. If you don’t want to disturb others, you can use in-ear monitors or headphones. If you don’t mind them hearing you, an amplifier is a great option.

What is the Weight and Dimension of the Alesis Surge?

If you are buying through Amazon, the Alesis Surge Mesh kit weighs about 65.3 pounds. Its dimensions are 27.6 x 47.3 x 43.3 inches.

Final Thoughts on Our Alesis Surge Review:

Alesis Surge is a kick-ass electronic drum kit with all functionalities that you may need for practicing it at home. As it is a mesh kit, it is a lot quieter and at an exceptional price range.

Alesis surge Mesh kit may be great for beginners. Still, if you can save a little bit more of budget, you can for sure go for a Roland TD11K which is a far better choice.

But generally speaking, the Alesis surge Mesh sounds impressive, as said the library can be expanded, and you can use it for years without any difficulties.

Lastly, the presence of learning features, such as metronome that tells you about the time, make this kit an excellent tool for a budding percussionist. You get everything in this kit except a throne. And being an electronic kit, it keeps the neighbors happy.

Other Alesis Drum Kits:

Happy Drumming!

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