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May 4, 2020

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit Review – My Personal Insight of This E-Kit


  • Tightly woven black mesh drum heads offer a feel of playing on real acoustic drums
  • Dual-zone toms and snare for ultimate drumming experience
  • Fully adjustable snare stand
  • Triple-zone ride
  • NEW DM10 MKII Pro sound module
  • Mix input
  • Heavy-duty four-post quick-lock chrome rack
  • Pocket friendly
  • 4-post chrome rack


  • Bass drum sound can be louder than other pads

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit is an upgraded version of the Alesis DM10x, which was an outstanding electric drumkit in itself.

The Alesis DM10 Pro MKII is strong and comes with big drums and a wide range of instrument sounds. With its big configuration (ten-piece), it allows you to play as freely as a real acoustic kit. It is also touted to have high-quality mesh heads that are rare to find under this price range.

But are the claims real? Is the kit worth buying? Read the review and decide for yourself.

What Is Included In The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit:

The Alesis DM10 Pro MKII is a premium electronic drum kit with a ten-piece configuration. After trying both, I think it’s even better than Roland TD-11K, even though the quality level is quite similar. The mesh heads and a huge built-up allows you to enjoy a great drumming experience.

The tightly woven, dual-zone, and patented mesh heads dampen the acoustic sounds, which provides the feel of an actual acoustic drum.

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit review

About Alesis:

Alesis is one of the leading manufactures of musical instruments. They have revolutionized the music industry with electronic drums, live sound gear, and studio recording. Their high-quality materials and innovation are unparalleled.

Their drum kits are popular due to the quality and affordability. Alesis makes instruments for semi-professional and professional musicians. These instruments sound amazing and are but to survive during a tour.

Just like other instruments and equipment, the DM10 MKII Pro kit is built to sound great, last, and bring out the best in you. This kit is the iteration of DM series drums from Alesis.

What Does This Kit Contain?

This 10-piece kit comes with a lot of things. Here is a list:

  • 12” drum pads (3)
  • 12” hi-hat (1)
  • 10” drum pads (2)
  • 14” crash (2)
  • 8” mesh kick pad (1)
  • 16” ride (1)
  • 4-post chrome rack
  • Module mount
  • RealHat pedal
  • Snare Stand
  • Cable snakes
  • Cable wrap strips
  • Drum key
  • Power supply
  • Drumsticks
  • Alesis logo plate
  • User guide

How Does This Kit Sound?:

This kit comes with 50 preset drum kits into the unit and space for 30 customized creations. Creating a new kit is now easy with the DM10 MKII Pro module.

You just have to select a sound of your choice and make adjustments using the sound control features. You can also experiment with cymbal or drum sounds and add sound effects, such as reverb. Once you are satisfied with the overall sound, set this drum kit in one of the empty presets.

Furthermore, the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit contains over 700 sounds on the module. There are kits displayed on the drum set along with different cymbals. You also get a few melodic sounds and world percussion samples.

Here you can listen every sound included in this set:

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Drum and Pads

The DM10 MKII Pro Kit comes with four cymbals and a six-piece drum kit. As mentioned before, the drum size is bigger than those kits available in this price range. As it is a dual-zone drum, you get sound by hitting the head surface or the rim, or a blend of both.

The snare is 12” in diameter. Rim clicks and shots can be played on this snare. This feature sets this kit apart from various entry-level drum kits.

This large diameter also provides sufficient room to play. It allows a major part of the drumsticks to cover the playing area.

This is an important factor, as most other kits come with 8” snare drums. Playing on smaller drums can be a tad bit fiddly. Alesis have made larger drums in an affordable range so that it is accessible by all.

Furthermore, the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit contains a fully adjustable drum stand for 12” snare drum. This independent snare stand offers more playability and stability. The stand allows the flexibility to be repositioned anytime. It also provides a solid feel to play on without the fear of drum mounts being loose.

The other 12” drums act as the floor toms. Unlike the snare, these drums are placed on the drum rack. Each pad is dual zoned for more expressive playing.

You can play rim shots on each tom and also reassign the rims for samples. So, you can assign auxiliary percussion to tom rims for your convenience. This also saves money and effort of expanding your kit by purchasing extra pads. Also, there are two front rack toms. These toms also come with dual-zone triggering.

The bass drum of this kit is an 8” mesh pad, which is placed on the bass drum tower. This drum tower is solid and can accommodate a double or single bass drum pedal. Just like toms and snare, the bass drum pad is tensionable.
This tower base comes with a supporting spike that allows it to hold on to any surface. You can place this tower on a drum mat or thin carpet. On shiner or hard surfaces, such as tiles and wood, you may face a little bit of slippage.

The DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit comes with four cymbals of standard size that found in any Alesis kit. Two crashes are 14”, the hi-hat is 12”, and the ride is 16”. Although the cymbals are larger than other kits in this price range, they don’t come with a 360° playing surface. However, this is not an issue as angling the cymbal allows the playable area to be closest to you.

The ride is three-zoned. So, you can trigger the bow, the bell, and the edge of the cymbal. This feature supports dynamic and realistic playing. The cymbals are fun to play with, and the greater size improves realism.

Talking about the hi-hat, it is controlled by a floating pedal. This pedal includes sensors to detect your foot’s playing position. It offers a wide range of positions, from chicks to heel splashes.

Other Features of the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro:

The DM10 MKII Pro drum comes with a built-in sequencer with 100 preset patterns. The tempo of each track can be adjusted similarly to that of a metronome. Moreover, you can also import your samples.

You can use an external hard drive, USB drive, or thumb flash drive to import MP3’s and Wavs. This allows you to use the kit to play backing tracks or build your sample sounds.

This kit module also offers to assign sample loops to either drum pads. So, it is really easy to start and stop tracks with just a touch of the drumstick.


alesis dm10 mkii pro
  • 4 tom pads
  • 1 snare pad
  • 4 cymbal pads
  • Kick pad
  • LCD display type
  • 100 drum kits
  • 31 effects
  • 1,047 sounds
  • 12 trigger inputs
  • Headphone jack
  • Line input
  • 128 MB memory
  • Mesh pads
  • Plastic hoops
  • Dual-zone pads
  • 10” and 12” tom pads
  • 12” snare pad


  • Tightly woven black mesh drum heads offer a feel of playing on real acoustic drums
  • Dual-zone toms and snare for ultimate drumming experience
  • Fully adjustable snare stand
  • Triple-zone ride
  • NEW DM10 MKII Pro sound module
  • Mix input
  • Heavy-duty four-post quick-lock chrome rack
  • Pocket friendly
  • 4-post chrome rack


  • Bass drum sound can be louder than other pads

Who is Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit ideal for?

The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit is ideal for professional and semi-professional musicians. This drum kit is ideally produced to be used for practice. But the design and features make it useful even for recording or live performances.

Intermediate drummers and beginners can also be able to use this kit; however, they won’t be able to make the full use of it. So, this kit is a better option for professionals than less advanced musicians. Learn more about Alesis by reading our in-depth Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit review.

How can I save my personalized kits?

To do so, start with the kit you would like to edit. You can use F2 or “edit” to change or view the kit. Choose a pad, select effects, and make the changes. Now, select F3 or save and enter the name for it. All y our saved kits will be available in the user kits.

Which sticks should I use with this kit?

You can use your favorite sticks. While special sticks are available to be played on electronic drums, it is not necessary. You can use any nylon or wooden tip stick of any shape.

If you are worried about using a wooden stick as they might get caught on the mesh, nylon tipped sticks will be a great option for you. As this is an electronic drum kit, the material used and the shape and size of the kit doesn’t have much effect on the sound.

Final Thoughts on the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit:

The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit comes with 12” tightly woven, tensionable mesh head, which is rarely found in other drums of this range. It also includes a massive selection of preset kits.

The big drums allow you to play without any restrictions. The mesh heads give a feel of playing on real acoustic kits. And the best part is that it is pocket friendly.

Overall, The Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Drum Kit is a great option for professionals. The features, quality, and price make it a huge hit.

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